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Oct 20, 2014
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Oct 16, 2014

Don't Be This Guy

Carl's storage can't dynamically learn and adapt to the needs of virtualized apps, servers and desktops simultaneously. Need to deploy or tear down thousands of VMs? Forget it. That's extra pain.

Take a look at what Carl is experiencing

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High Performance

“Compared to our previous storage, Tintri VMstore can accommodate twice the IOPS at less than a third of the latency in one fourth the footprint.”

F5 Networks


Ease of Implementation

"We started migrating off the NetApp slowly, moving just a bit each day to see how it would run. Once we saw how easy it was to migrate and how well it was running, we moved everything over. The Tintri installation was completely uneventful – in a positive way.”

Reinhart Law


Speed in Provisioning

“In just ten seconds, Tintri can do what the legacy storage system did in eight hours.”

Department of Defense Cyber Range

Stellar Performance

“Not a single storage solution could outperform Tintri in any aspect of our POC. Tintri left all of the other storage vendors in the dust.”

William Woods University