A new model for IT is here – where virtualized applications are the norm, public and private clouds are the new modes of data access, and traditional storage is 20 years overdue for a shakeup. Enterprises are still bound by the same tedious, time-consuming, blind, antiquated storage solutions that don't address the most important dynamics of IT – the dynamic nature of data in a virtualized world.

Tintri has created a different world. A world of smart storage that sees and learns and adapts, removing the opacity of traditional storage products, anticipating changes and needs before they arise. A world where simplicity and transparency replace complexity and brute force, all while delivering the return on investment required by business leaders.

Our team consists of technology luminaries with deep roots in storage and virtualization. The founders and architects of Tintri have built many market-defining solutions across the tech landscape.  Our leadership team has been involved in taking many companies public and growing them into multi-billion dollar category leaders. The best and brightest minds in engineering, sales, marketing, support and operations have all come to Tintri to do one thing – build a new kind of storage that customers can love.

We believe that our values show in our actions and in our results. We know that our employees excel when they truly internalize the values. We use the acronym "CEE-IT," pronounced "see it," because it helps us see what's possible and make it real:

  • Customer Centered: Our customers are our "true north." We believe in under promising and over delivering.

  • Excellence Fueled: We aim for greatness by hiring excellent people, building excellent products, creating excellent processes, and maintaining an excellent work environment. We help our customers achieve greatness because we know that our success depends on their success.

  • Execution Driven: We thrive on aggressive execution. We thrive on taking ownership and getting things done. We do what we say, own what we do, and never make commitments that we can't keep. We empower our people to make responsible decisions and trust them to be good stewards of our resources. Accountability matters to all of us; 

  • Innovation Obsessed: The Tintri team has many years of experience in turning ideas into solutions the industry has never seen before. We thrive by challenging the industry status quo.

  • Team Oriented: People at all levels of our organization communicate openly and are able to give and receive frequent feedback. We thrive on debate, but always discuss ideas respectfully. We also have a "no jerk" policy.

We are looking for like-minded people to join us. We love smartness of every kind. We love people whom we are delighted to see every day when we come to work. And we certainly love people who share our passion of turning thought leading technology into market leading products.