About Tintri

Tintri Zero Management Storage™ helps IT organizations eliminate storage complexity and minimize costs for their virtualized environments. Designed from the ground up for virtualization and cloud, Tintri addresses the mismatch between storage and virtualization with the industry’s first and leading VM-Aware Storage architecture.  With intelligence that understands virtual machines and keeps storage always optimized, Tintri VMstore improves performance by as much as 10x, makes virtualization predictable and enables higher IT productivity—all while slashing costs. Production-proven in hundreds of global enterprises, Tintri helps businesses and organizations worldwide maximize their virtualization investments.


Our mission is to complete the virtualization story by bringing the same kind of efficiencies and simplicity to storage that VMware brought to servers. Designed from the ground-up for virtualization, Tintri is delivering Zero Management Storage build on a VM-Aware Storage architecture and fundamentally changing how storage enables a truly virtualized infrastructure.


From the beginning, Tintri has focused exclusively on storage for virtual environments. The Tintri team identified the clear mismatch between the approaches of traditional networked storage and the demands of virtualization. They saw a need for a more efficient shared storage model specifically designed for VMs. This sharp focus enables both simplification, as well as the intelligent application of key new technologies such as flash memory. More than just optimized for VMs, Tintri operates natively at the VM level and makes a VM the core object within our systems. Gone are legacy storage concepts such as LUNs, volumes, tiers, and RAID groups. Tintri is storage built to speak the virtualization language.


Tintri was founded by Dr. Kieran Harty, who formerly led development at VMware as executive vice president of engineering. With an exceptionally strong team who have a demonstrated track record of success — including key leaders from VMware, NetApp, and Data Domain — the Tintri talent pool is unusually deep and accomplished. This fusion of pioneers from both storage and virtualization domains gives Tintri a unique perspective on storage, unburdened by traditional approaches. The result: Tintri VM-aware storage for the software-defined data center.