Tintri and VMware


Tintri Offers High-Performance VDI

Reference Architecture for VMware® Horizon View™

Tintri sets a new bar for both price and performance with a new reference architecture to deliver a high-performance, low-cost infrastructure for VMware Horizon View. More than just a theoretical approach, this design has been tested and validated by both VMware and Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). Read the results of testing, view a whiteboard of the architecture design, and download the detailed testing procedures and results. You’ll see that the VDI cost and performance bars have been raised beyond expectations.

VDI Reference Architecture Resources

VMware and Tintri VDI Reference Architecture Press Release 02/26/2013
Read how Tintri is able to deliver a high-performance, low-cost infrastructure for VMware Horizon View that sets a new bar for both price and performance.

ESG Lab Validation Report: VDI with Tintri VMstore and VMware Horizon View (.pdf)
In this independent report, Brian Garrett, Vice President ESG Lab and Tony Palmer, Senior Lab Analyst, document the results of ESG Lab’s hands-on testing of VMware Horizon View with the Tintri VMstore™ platform.

VMware Horizon View and Tintri VDI Reference Architecture (.pdf)
This extended whitepaper covers the full VMware Horizon View with the Tintri VMstore lab testing results and the corresponding Tintri VDI reference architecture.

Reexamining VDI Conventions (.pdf)
In this overview, read how with Tintri and VMware Horizon View it is possible to provide an “ultrabook” level of desktop performance to VDI users, without performance degradation, as the deployment grows.

Tintri and VMware Horizon View Technical Solution Overview (.pdf)

VDI with VMware Horizon View Best Practices (.pdf)
VMware Horizon View provides robust VDI capabilities and has exceptionally tight integration with vSphere. Likewise, Tintri provides a storage platform that deploys quickly and delivers an unparalleled combination of performance and density for VDI in a compact data center footprint. This helpful technical white paper offers guidance for deploying Hosted Virtual Desktop (HVD) VDI with VMware Horizon View on VMware vSphere and Tintri VMstore.

Tintri and VMware Horizon View Reference Architecture
A whiteboard presentation: