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See How Application Storage Solves Your Virtualization Challenges

Here at Tintri, we’re all about storage specifically architected for virtualized environments, assuring ultra-fast performance and unprecedented manageability. Tintri's unique application-aware file system manages directly at the VM level and delivers flash performance for each VM automatically, eliminating the need to constantly tune and configure storage. Get a demo to see the benefits:

  • Simple: With Tintri, your storage operates only as a datastore. There are no LUNS, tiers, volumes or other complicated abstractions. Setup is so simple you will be up and running in 30 minutes.
  • Intelligent: Tintri is designed from the ground-up for virtualization. Our file system gives you an unprecedented level of insight and visibility into VM performance.
  • Fast: Tintri storage is blazing fast, with 99% of I/O from flash with inline de-duplication and compression for maximum efficiency.

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