Server Virtualization

Server Virtualization

What if your storage was managed at the VM-level, like your datacenter is?

Tintri VMstore and its application-aware architecture lets you consolidate multiple VM workloads on a single storage system. It delivers simple, cost-effective performance on a per-VM basis, so you can stop worrying about storage placement for every VM. It automatically delivers performance for every VM as needed, and gives a clear picture of how much performance headroom is left on each node.

What if your storage ensured the performance of each VM and gave you the ability to see performance at the VM level?

With Tintri VMstore, delivering the right level of performance is easy. The Tintri file system automates performance optimization. Virtualization and storage teams don’t need to waste endless cycles planning for every new set of VMs, working through the minutiae of how to best architect for virtualization. As a result of the built-in quality of service VM workloads with different performance characteristics can all be consolidated on to a single storage system for efficient resource utilization and management simplicity.

What if your mission critical virtual servers, your test/dev environment and your virtual desktops could live in one high performance datastore with no compromises in performance?

Tintri customers do this every day because Tintri was designed from the ground up for virtualization. The performance needs of multiple workloads are optimized at the VM level, so there is no need for multiple LUNs, manual rebalancing VM placement with Storage vMotion, leaving buffers of unused storage to maintain performance, or draconian QoS policies that rob performance from other VMs.

What if your storage could get you to 100% virtualization and get you ready for cloud?

What is keeping you from 100% virtualization? Is it the performance needs of a few mission critical applications? The thought of managing multiple silos of storage for production servers, test/dev and VDI? The high cost of storage and the unused capacity that sits unused to maintain performance?

Tintri can help you increase your virtualization footprint and get you ready for private cloud:

  • Tintri VMstore™ systems manage storage at the VM level
  • ReplicateVM™ allows you to protect and replicate your VMs with one click
  • Tintri Automation Toolkit™ enables powerful automation and monitoring of your storage environment at the VM-level
  • Tintri's unique storage management tools provide insight into performance utilization per VM and per VMstore
  • Tintri Global Center™ enables you to easily scale to 32 VMstores and up to 64,000 virtual machines and manage it all from a single interface.