Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Cost-effective, predictable Virtual Desktop Infrastructure performance without storage complexity.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) should deliver secure, cost effective remote access to desktops and applications, but is often stymied by VDI storage performance, complexity and cost:

  • Small random-write workloads, boot storms and antivirus scans can cripple legacy storage systems in environments with hundreds of VMs.
  • Existing systems cannot isolate or monitor VM performance, making it difficult to identify and correct performance problems.
  • Overprovisioning storage is often necessary, but drives up costs significantly.

As a result, many enterprises have either scaled back or abandoned VDI deployments.

The Tintri flash-based architecture provides consistent, predictable performance required for successful VDI deployments. With a VM-aware architecture, Tintri provides a simple to manage, cost-effective VDI storage platform that meets the performance demands of hundreds of VMs with:

  • Predictable VM performance. The Tintri file system delivers performance for each VM out of Flash, without manual configuration or VM placement.
  • Lowest cost per VM. Inline deduplication and data compression makes flash highly efficient and cost-effective. Easily run up to 1,000 virtual desktops on a single appliance.
  • Instant performance bottleneck visualization. Real-time VM and vDisk-level insight on IO, throughput, end-to-end latency and other key metrics enables rapid VDI performance diagnosis.

Tintri VMstore overcomes the limits of traditional VDI storage. IT can easily support hundreds of desktop VMs on a single 3U appliance, with easy scalability to thousands of desktops with linear growth of the infrastructure.