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Vote for Tintri’s VMworld 2012 Sessions!

VMworld 2012 session voting opened yesterday, and we’re excited about the thousands (yes, I think there may well be that many!) of interesting sessions people have submitted. We talked with a number of customers, partners and our own team, including a few vExperts, all of whom have submitted compelling ideas.

Tintri is involved in a number of sessions. I’d be remiss as a marketing person if I didn’t highlight these, so I’ll mention them first. You can easily find these by filtering for “Tintri” on the VMworld 2012 session voting page:

1349 The Emergence of VM-aware Infrastructure in the Software-Defined Datacenter (SDDC). This is an incredible line up of industry thought leaders and early pioneers in cloud and virtualization. VMware CTO Steve Herrod, Kieran Harty and David Cheriton of Arista will talk about what the SDDC means for compute, networking and storage infrastructure.

  • David Cheriton, Chief Scientist & Co-Founder, Arista. David was an early investor in many trend-setting industry leaders, including VMware and Google.
  • Kieran Harty, CEO & co-founder, Tintri (some of you may remember Kieran used to run R&D at VMware a few years ago before he founded Tintri).
  • Steve Herrod, CTO and SVP of R&D, VMware, Inc.

1485 Guerilla Virtualization: How Washington State University Deployed VDI on a Shoestring Budget. One of Tintri’s own customers has a great story to tell about how they successfully deployed VDI without breaking the bank.

  • Ryan Makamson, vExpert and Systems Administrator, Washington State University
  • Sandeep Randhawa, Systems Engineering Manager, Tintri

1653 Tackling the Monster VM: How to Design for the Most Demanding Workloads. A look at how to best manage those “monster VMs” with vSphere 5.

  • Justin Lauer, vExpert and Tintri Sr. Systems Engineer.

If you don’t already know Justin Lauer, you definitely should catch one of his sessions. While Justin is an SE for Tintri, this session will be focused more on managing massive (i.e., 1 TB+) workloads with vSphere 5. He has also worked as a vSpecialist for EMC and has been an end user of virtualization. When it comes to vSphere and VMs, he knows his stuff. This is one of a number of best practices sessions that Justin has submitted—and he made me promise to keep the corporate slides out of his presentations.

1655 The VM Bottleneck Has Moved! What the Emergence of Flash Storage Means for Virtualization. Did you know flash is 400x faster than disk? Think about that. It’s like Mach 2 compared to walking. That has some serious implications, and Justin and Ed will look at what this means for virtualization.

  • Justin Lauer, vExpert and Tintri Sr. Systems Engineer
  • Ed Lee, Tintri Lead Architect.

Ed knows his storage, and he’s great at relating arcane storage technology back to everyday life. He was formerly an architect at Data Domain, and was one of members of the Berkeley RAID team where he wrote some of the first RAID drivers back in the 1990s. Like I said, he knows storage.

1656 Increasing VM Density - Realizing the Promise of More With Less. Because who doesn’t want more VMs on each host and each array?

  • Justin Lauer, Sr. Systems Engineer, Tintri
  • Christopher McMinn, Sr. Systems Engineer, Tintri.

Chris describes himself as “a storage addict with a virtualization habit.” He has over 6 years of experience on the vendor side (EMC Technical Consultant) and has also been an end user (Continental Airlines and others). He’s got a great perspective on storage and virtualization.

1657 VMFS vs. NFS Datastores ... Does it Really Matter? You probably have some opinions about VMFS and NFS. Maybe you were scarred at an early age by a bad experience with NFS, or VMFS. Chris and Justin go on a technical safari in the world of NFS, VMFS, VAAI, datastore maximums and best practices.

  • Christopher McMinn, Sr. Systems Engineer, Tintri
  • Justin Lauer, Sr. Systems Engineer, Tintri

2890 Understanding Performance Monitoring in an NFS Environment. This session will offer a look at performance monitoring tools for vSphere through a real world customer example.

  • Christopher McMinn, Sr. Systems Engineer, Tintri
  • Justin Lauer, Sr. Systems Engineer, Tintri

2899 Choose Your Own Adventure: Storage Choices for VMware Environments. I suspect I’m not the only one who liked these books as a kid. Taking a queue from those old classics, Chris will look at FC, FCoE, iSCSI, NFS, DAS and the VMware VSA as storage choices – and examine the ramifications of each choice.

  • Christopher McMinn, System Engineer, Tintri

Other Sessions That Got Our Vote

While we’re obviously excited about the submissions that we ourselves submitted, there’s a ton of other great submissions out there. We’d be remiss if we didn’t call out a few of our favorites here as well: there’s everything from customer sessions to best practices to game shows. Here are just a few additional submissions that have stood out so far:

2311 Design, Deploy and Optimize Infrastructure and Applications for vSphere. There’s a really interesting vCloud Director story in here. Two vExperts, Rick Vanover and John Walsh, will talk about how Northwestern optimized its environment with a scalable pod-based architecture.

  • Rick Vanover, Product Strategy Specialist, Veeam Software
  • John Walsh, Manager of Processing Management, Northwestern University

2319 Design, Deploy and Optimize High-Performance Backups and Replications for vSphere. Another good customer case study on data protection.

  • Bruno Sousa, IT Technical Team Leader, Meyn Food Processing Technology B.V
  • Rick Vanover, Product Strategy Specialist | Blogger, Veeam Software

1223 Design Considerations for Small and Medium Business (SMB). Smaller shops often struggle with cost and complexity. A cross-section of consultants and end-users, including a couple of vExperts, will look at considerations and best practices.

  • Harley Stagner, Solutions Engineer, TBL Networks, Inc
  • Sean Crookston, Solutions Engineer, TBL Networks, Inc
  • Bill Hill, Lead Engineer, OIA Global Logistics
  • Chris Wahl, Data Center Engineer, Ahead, LLC

1159 Architecting and Operating a vSphere Metro Storage Cluster. Metro Storage Clusters add a whole new dynamic to distributed datacenters. Who better to hear from on this subject than Duncan and Lee?

  • Duncan Epping and Lee Dilworth

2134 Using vCloud IAAS for Simplifying Infrastructure Delivery – Higher Education Customer Panel. Lots of folks are interested in deploying a private cloud, but it sounds like a daunting task. VMware has put together a great panel of customers to discuss how they implemented vCloud successfully.

  • Murthy Mathiprakasam, Senior Product Marketing Manager, VMware, Inc.
  • John Walsh, Processing & Information Platform Services, Cyberinfrastructure, Northwestern University
  • Nathan Thaler, Senior Systems Administrator, MIT
  • Robert LeBlanc, OIT Infrastructure & Virtualization Engineer, Brigham Young University

2257 Disaster Recovery as a Service: Cost-effective and Secure DR in the vCloud. Everyone talks about having a DR plan, but a lot of us can’t afford a full-blown recovery site. The DR-as-a-Service idea has lots of potential.

  • Gil Levonai, VP Marketing & Products, Zerto
  • Zerto and Christian van Barneveld, Infrastructure Architect, Research & Development, ZXFactory BV

1571 $100,000 VMware Pyramid. Yes, that’s right. It’s a virtualization game show with a panel of vExperts. This one should be fun!

  • Brian Suhr, Sr. Technical Architect, VirtualizeTips.com
  • Chris Wahl, Sr. Datacenter Engineer, wahlnetwork.com

The session list is seemingly endless, and we’re still going through it ourselves! We’ll post a follow up note here with some more interesting ones in the coming days. In the meantime, we encourage you to vote for the sessions listed above at the official VMworld 2012 session site.

David Friedlander / May 30, 2012