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Cast Your Vote for VMworld 2012 Sessions!

On Wednesday, I wrote about some of the great VMworld sessions that are up for voting, including eight where Tintri is involved. I’ve been continuing to read through the list of great session submissions for VMworld 2012 and wanted to highlight a couple of more. There are just too many good ideas to count, but here are some more that caught our attention. You can vote for these on the VMworld 2012 session voting page:

1755 VDI - Millstone, Milestone, or Stepping Stone. A great session by 2 vExperts on VDI war stories, tips and best practices.

  • Mike Laverick, Blogger/Author/Speaker/, Mike Laverick Ltd. He may even appear as Elvis for this session!
  • Jeff Drury, Datacenter Lead, Mountain States Networking

1757 VMware SRM - Where Theory Meets Practice. I spent a lot of time talking about SRM in a previous life – it’s a great product, but attention to detail in the implementation is incredibly important. These two guys are some of the best experts on SRM out there.

  • Mike Laverick, Blogger/Author/Speaker/, Mike Laverick Ltd.
  • Jeff Drury, Datacenter Lead, Mountain States Networking

1405 Securing Your Virtualized Electronic Medical Records System. This looks to be a very interesting session on designing your virtualization environment for HIPPA. We have a couple of customers in healthcare, and this is a real concern for them. If you’re at all focused on the healthcare industry, this will be extremely informative.

  • Brandon Willmott, Director of IT, Metropolitan Gastroenterology Associates. vExpert, VMUG leader.

1504 Ask the Expert vBloggers. This is a great panel with some experts who need no introduction! It was one of the top rated sessions last year, so I’d definitely recommend registering for this one well in advance.

  • Scott Lowe, CTO, VMware Affinity Team, EMC Corporation
  • Duncan Epping, Principal Architect, VMware, Inc.
  • Rick Scherer, Cloud Evangelist, EMC Corporation
  • Frank Denneman, Sr. Technical Marketing Architect, VMware, Inc.
  • Chad Sakac, Senior Vice President, Global SE, EMC Corporation

1616 Mythbusting Goes Virtual. There are a lot of virtualization myths out there that need busting. I don’t think they’re going to blow anything up on stage, but this was a great session last year, well worth attending!

  • Mattias Sundling, Evangelist, Quest Software
  • Eric Sloof, VCI, NTPRO.NL

1478 Hosting Microsoft SQL Server 2012 on vSphere 5 – Best Practices. Want to virtualize your SQL database? Vote for this session! Eric is great at digging in to tough problems and best practices.

  • Eric Sloof, VCI, NTPRO.NL

I’m personally fired up about VMworld. This will be my 6th VMworld, and the conference just gets better every year – thanks in large part to the community of folks who are putting all the work in on these sessions! Go vote at the official VMworld 2012 session site!

David Friedlander / Jun 01, 2012