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What is VM-aware Storage?

As data centers across the board have become increasingly virtualized, it’s put a greater burden on storage that was designed for a physical era. Virtual machines create new challenges for storage architecture, especially around performance management and troubleshooting. Legacy storage systems built for networked computing struggle to execute these tasks in an efficient manner, which has in turn spurred the rise of a new, VM-aware approach to storage.

George Crump of Storage Switzerland has an interesting article up on InformationWeek today that addresses this phenomenon – definitely worth a read for storage admins. We’re going to be co-hosting a webinar with George, The Four Requirements of VM-aware Storage, on August 16 (tomorrow) at 10:00 AM PT.

Register here to hear from George and Tintri’s lead architect, Ed Lee, on how a VM-aware approach to storage helps you get the most out of your virtualization project and eliminates the cost and complexity involved with managing storage for it.

We hope you’ll join us!