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NHH Accelerates VDI, Replacing Legacy SAN with Tintri VMstore

Established as a public institution in 1936, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH) is Norway’s leading business school and enrolls more than 3,000 students. NHH is located in Bergen, Norway.

NHH’s storage system became a bottleneck as the school began to virtualize more of its infrastructure. Tier-1 applications suffered performance issues with legacy, disk-based storage hardware in production. The university debated adding flash as cache to its existing solution, but deemed that approach unrealistic due to both its prohibitive cost and the overly complex management it would require.

NHH previously used Fibre Channel (FC)-based datastores in its virtualization environment. As the company’s virtual infrastructure began to grow, performance with storage became an issue, and even for simple workloads NHH was not able to get adequate performance.

NHH learned about Tintri at VMworld 2011 and evaluated their solution against a number of other block-based storage systems.