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A VMUG Love Story: Bartholomew County Grows VDI Project While Slashing Their Storage Footprint by 50% with Tintri

Founded in 1821, Bartholomew County is located in the southeastern part of Indiana (any Parks and Recreations fans out there?), with Columbus serving as its county seat.

The county was looking to expand its pool of virtual desktops, but worried about storage performance issues as they approached 100 virtual desktops – research had indicated this was a common problem. This process was chronicled nicely in a May 2012 article in GCN. As a result, they looked for alternative storage solutions that would meet the performance needs of VDI and the IT team’s budget.

“Adding more storage to support the performance needs of virtual desktops was going to be costly on two dimensions,” said Jim Hartsook, director of IT at Bartholomew County. ”First, we didn’t need the extra storage capacity, and second, the larger storage footprint would increase leasing costs for our datacenter space.

“Storage management was another major consideration,” said Hartsook. “We have a small team that manages the IT infrastructure, so dedicating staff to only manage the storage environment was not possible.”

After attending the Indianapolis VMware User Group, Bartholomew County’s IT team was introduced to Tintri. They compared Tintri with several other storage vendors, and ultimately opted for Tintri’s VM-aware approach—both for its affordable performance and VM density (flash as first-class storage rather than as cache) as well as its intuitive management functionality and dashboard, which allowed them to drastically streamline the troubleshooting process.

“Tintri allows me to keep an eye on individual desktops and proactively identify issues — at all places in the infrastructure — before they affect end-user experience,” said Jenifer Slabaugh, Systems Administrator for Bartholomew County. “It allowed me to eliminate a lot of end-user calls.”

If you are interested in learning more about how Tintri has helped Bartholomew County with VDI, give our case study a read.