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MaplesFS Takes Datacenters Virtual on a Global Scale with Tintri

MaplesFS commenced operations in 1997 in the Cayman Islands and has since expanded to Dubai, Dublin, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Montreal, New York, and London. As a financial services firm requiring around-the-clock application availability and performance, MaplesFS supports employees worldwide with varying compute needs.

How did the move to VM-aware storage and intelligent DR solutions eliminate latency problems and increase application performance for MaplesFS employees?

On Tuesday, March 12th, Rob Girard - Infrastructure Architect at MaplesFS - discussed how his move to Tintrí and Veeam eliminated layers of storage complexity and solved persistent storage and backup problems caused by the demands of virtualization.

Some of the topics covered were:

  • How adopting a VM-aware file system makes storage simple, fast, and efficient.
  • How having replica recovery points to select when a VM should be failed over gives the most options for administrators to round out a DR plan
  • How to save time and use less storage with advanced per-VM snapshots and cloning

Watch a replay of the webinar here

Mark Fisher / Mar 20, 2013

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