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Rave Reviews for Tintri VMstore T600 Series and Tintri Global Center

Last week we announced the latest additions to the Tintri VMstore™ lineup, the Tintri VMstore T600 Series and Tintri Global Center, we couldn’t be more excited by the feedback that we’ve seen. Here are some of the highlights so far: You can visit our press section for the complete coverage. 

“I’m a big fan of Tintri – particularly their VM centric approach to storage, and their awesome management interface that lets you monitor I/O from virtual machine all the way to disk.”

- CormacHogan, Cormac Hogan

“What is unique about Tintri is how they designed their system, FlashFirst and VM-aware as they call it. Allowing for sub-millisecond latencies with over 99% IO coming out of flash, and of course VM-granular quality of service and data management (snapshots, cloning, and replication).”

- Yellow Bricks, Duncan Epping

“Tintri rejects conventional ways of organizing storage capacity, so instead of arranging volumes and LUNs (logical unit numbers) of data, administrators manage a pool of storage with allocations for each VM. This can be a useful way of administering storage for highly virtualized workloads.”

- PC World, Stephen Lawson

“While the hardware improvements are impressive and will likely get all the attention, I think it's the Tintri Global Center pieces that have far-reaching, game-changing potential, with operational scale-out, new storage services opportunities and a potential ecosystem of value-adding partners,"

- Search Virtual Storage, Mike Matchett, senior analyst with Taneja Group

“Tintri has been focusing on how to best handle the explosion of growth seen in most all data centers and with that to better scale the VMstore systems. The announcement of Tintri Global Center is the solution to that particular problem. I found this interface to be extremely well thought out and presented in a simple straightforward method that I found very appealing and in my humble opinion is one of the best designed user interfaces that I have really taken note of in a while. It is a very sleek simple design that makes it very easy to look at and to work with.”

- Virtualization Practice, Steve Beaver

Tintri remains focused on virtualization use cases. Tintri has a good underlying architecture including a RESTful API for extending access from other systems. 2,000 VMs in a single 4U system allows large-scale VM densities in a small footprint.”

- SSG-NOW, James Bagley

“Tintri’s modular approach to scaling storage for virtualization using VMstore and Tintri Global Center is similar how IT scales compute using VMware vCenter. This should simplify how IT scales their virtual environments. We believe the company’s new VMstore T600 Series and Tintri Global Center should enable users to experience an increase in efficiency for their virtualization-aligned storage by simplifying management and increasing VM storage density.”

- ESG, Terri McClure

“Tintri has turned out to be a good channel partner with technology that fits perfectly in VMware-based virtualized environments,  Tintri's story was easy to tell, But people want options. Tintri's new appliances is a good move for its channel partners."

- CRN, Drew Mogan, director of engineering at Integrated Archive Systems