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Goodbye ONTAP -- The next wave of Storage Innovation is here

Innovative technology, smart people, large potential market and a truly disruptive approach to the status quo -- that is what makes great technology companies and it is what drove me to Tintri.

Recently, I joined Tintri to lead their Product Planning and Strategy after a long and successful career at NetApp. Make no mistake about it - NetApp is a great company - however, in recent times the pace of innovation has slowed (the ONTAP complexity challenge) and the speed of execution has slowed. Not only that but Flash does truly change everything and ground up product designs are required (as NetApp seems to have admitted with its FlashRay investment). I joined NetApp because WAFL was truly disruptive technology in 2004 and I've joined Tintri because VM-aware storage is the truly disruptive storage architecture for the wave of virtualization.

The bane of life for the Storage Administrator is service level management. Performance diagnostics and isolation, application/VMs oriented SLAs, dynamic rebalancing, operational simplicity and uptime guarantees. LUN and volume level abstraction and management makes this impossible to deliver effectively. The storage construct that you manage to should be application centric. That's what makes Tintri so disruptive.

The storage world of the future will be much simpler to manage and deliver quality of service and performance to VMs and applications. I'm looking forward to being at the heart of that change with Tintri.

Innovation Changes Everything!


Paul Turner / Nov 08, 2013

An industry expert in storage, Paul Turner was at NetApp and led their Product Strategy Office. He guided their investments into FlashRay, Iongrid and CacheIQ. Prior to that he was the General Mana...more