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Virtualizing More & Virtualizing Better -- A New Infographic

Virtualizing More & Virtualizing Better For most enterprise data centers, virtualization is the new normal and we are seeing every aspect of the IT infrastructure being virtualized.  Unfortunately, traditional storage – designed decades before virtualization became common place - is ill equipped to support these virtualized environments.  The mismatch between traditional storage and virtualized environment creates tremendous cost, complexity, and performance challenges. But storage does not have to be a bottleneck for your virtualized data centers.  You just need a solution that natively understands virtualized applications.

 Like to learn more?  We have a new Infographic  that quickly takes you through the A to Zs of what you need  to know as you set out to find a new storage solution that works for you.

In  the infographic you will find clear and visual answers to the following:

  • How the continuing trend of more virtualized workloads will push for even greater need for purpose built smart storage for virtualized environments
  • What is the “I/O blender” effect and why should you care
  • What is the hidden cost of continuing to rely on traditional storage for virtualized environment
  • Why all Flash-based storage is not created equal. What should you be looking for when choosing the right flash product.
  • What is Tintri’s FlashFirstTM architecture - the “secret sauce” behind the only per-VM level data management storage solution in the industry.   

infographic, you may also want to read some of the reviews from our customers who have made the switch to Tintri and are reaping the benefits.

Travis Goodrich / Mar 03, 2014

Travis has more than 14 years of experience in direct marketing, demand generation and driving sales results through targeted marketing programs.  Currently, he is responsible for Americas Regiona...more