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vExperts at Tintri

VMware recently announced the vExperts for 2014.  This is a much anticipated event in the virtualization community. A big congratulation to all the vExperts, including six of Tintri’s very own: Justin Lauer, Rob Girard, Todd Lewey, Scott Sauer, Trent Steele, and Rob Waite.

We couldn’t be more proud of them. In this group, some have been with Tintri since when we came out of stealth and some just joined the company last week; they came from different backgrounds, virtualization, storage, networking, you name it; they came to Tintri from vendor, end user and partner companies; they have different roles within Tintri, and are based in different geos; some have been named vExpert every year since the program started, others joined the list for the first time this year. Regardless of their background differences, they have all made significant contributions to the community - All of them have the passion for sharing their deep knowledge to help others solve problems.  Introducing this year’s stars:

Justin Lauer

Justin (twitter: @justin_Lauer) is a 6-time VMware vExpert which means he has been on the list every year since the vExpert program started.  He is a VCP4 and VCP5 and former VMUG leader. He is also a regular speaker at VMworld.  One of Tintri’s top SEs from the start of the company, Justin has taken on a new role recently as the Principal Technology Evangelist at Tintri and is our conduit between corporate and the field, as well as a Tintri ambassador with our customers and partners.  

Rob Girard

This is Rob’s inaugural year as a vExpert and he’s excited to add this new designation to his already impressive list of credentials: VCAP4/5-DCA, VCAP4-DCD, VCP2/4/5, MCSE, CCNA and TCSE.  

A self-proclaimed Geek, Rob Girard (@robgirard) was one of Tintri’s early customers and fell in love with our product, running several VMstores in production across multiple datacenters in dispersed geographies. Not wanting to wait until Beta releases to get a glimpse of the new products we’re cooking up, Rob joined Tintri recently as a Technical Marketing Engineer. This is his first time on the “vendor side” and we appreciate the insight and experience Rob’s 16+ years spent in the trenches as a customer brings to our organization.  Since his first sip of the VMware Koolaid (his words!) almost 10 years ago, Rob has a virtual-first mentality in the datacenter. Want to get him fired up? Tell him you’re going to implement a new physical server…  

Trent Steele

Trent (@vbox) got his feet wet with telecom and networking before diving into the world of virtualization.  He was among one of the earliest VMware customers. He was a leader and co-founder of the Greensboro, NC VMUG.  When he joined a reseller called Varrow, he founded their End-User Computing practice. He left to join Tintri in 2012 as the original SE for the Southeast territory and helped open up 7 states for Tintri. One of Trent’s biggest pet peeves in the storage industry today is vendors who overpromise and under-deliver with their products to a customer base that is in need of real solutions. See more from his blog at .

Rob Waite

Rob  (@rob_waite_oz) recently joined the Tintri APAC team as one of the first Systems Engineers working out of Melbourne, Australia. Prior to that he spent 8 years at NetApp as the lead technologist for virtualization solutions.  His interest in virtualization started way back in 2000 at Veritas when one of the engineers showed him something called VMware Workstation. From then on he was hooked on virtualization. The rest, as they say, is history. See Rob’s blog at

Todd Lewey

As one of the newest additions to the SE team in the South East, Todd (@tlewey) joined Tintri this week. He has been in the industry for over 13 years. Over these years he has worked in networking, storage, security, and compute, and moved into the virtualization world six years ago. Todd is a 2-time vExpert and the current VMUG leader in Nashville, TN. He is also on the Developing Community and Leadership committee for the VMUG. Before joining Tintri he was at M*Modal where he was responsible for engineering and maintaining over 150+ vSphere hosts in 40 countries.

Scott Sauer

Scott Sauer (@ssauer) is a Sr. Systems Engineer and one of the resident VMware subject matter experts and evangelists at Tintri. Scott is a VMware VCP, VMware vExpert, TCSE, and a blogger at With more than 17 years of experience in IT consulting and systems management, Scott has held positions and led teams across a range of sectors on the customer and consulting/vendor sides of the industry. Prior to joining Tintri, Scott was a senior SE for VMware, covering various market verticals including healthcare, corporate and large enterprise accounts. 

When asked what his “pet peeve” is, Scott shared with me the following picture. 

Everything is awesome!



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