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Tintri Simplicity at Cisco Live!

Having worked in the industry for a long time, I would say that what we do as IT professionals can be described as many things, but “simple” isn’t one of them! At Tintri, we are changing that by putting “simple” into the IT lexicon with “smart”.


Ease of Setup:The Cisco UCS solution and Tintri VMstores are a great example of this. This powerful combo can make your virtualized environment Simple and Smart.

The setup of a Tintri VMstore takes about 8 minutes.  http://www.tintri.com/resources/videos/tintri-simple-installation. Compare this to other solutions in the market which take hours or even days of setup, configuration, and tuning.

Pairing Tintri VMstore and Cisco UCS is as easy as taking a couple of twin-ax cables, plugging the Tintri VMstore into the Fabric Interconnects, and setting them to appliance ports in UCS Manager. Once the Tintri VMstore is presented to the virtual infrastructure as one big datastore, start moving existing VMs or create new VMs, up to 2000 on a single VMstore without any additional storage provisioning or tuning.

Smart Conclusion – Keep it simple!

Performance & Awarenesss


When Cisco developed the Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS®) five years ago, the Company started with a clean slate. Designed to be a self-aware and self-integrating system, UCS has the capability to support both rack mount and blade servers in a single unified system. Cisco is also able to take advantage of new generation processors from Intel® as they are announced to deliver triple-digit percentage performance improvements.

Just as Cisco is able to break performance barriers by starting from the ground up, Tintri also has a ground up architecture for virtualized environments leveraging flash.  Tintri VMstore systems provide amazing performance for VMs by taking a completely new approach with the FlashFirst™ architecture.  Tintri VMstore is built just for serving VMs, providing monitoring and data management at VM level in a hypervisor agnostic manner for VMware vSphere, Red Hat RHEV, and Microsoft Hyper-V.


Performance alone isn’t going to cut it in today’s modern datacenters & cloud infrastructure.

Awareness is the key to unlocking top performance!

Many vendors like to talk about the performance of their systems, but they neglect to mention how blind these systems are to VMs and applications.  The Tintri application-aware system is aware of all I/O on your system at a VM and virtual disk level and manages the resources and performance for all VMs running on a system to deliver QoS and consistent sub-millisecond latencies.  Oh and we do it automatically, no tuning necessary.   Recently, I worked with a customer who loved the performance of UCS for their VDI environment, but they ran into performance issues on their storage system as they scaled the environment. Their existing storage vendor suggested more than $500K worth of storage which would take up a full rack to support the growing environment.  I showed them what Tintri can do to alleviate their performance issues at 60% less cost.  The icing on the cake (or may be the cake!) was the big reduction in operational cost since the Tintri solution was a single VMstore, which is 4U in sizeJ.

So what does this ground up approach mean to you? Smart performance for your VMs based on a file system that is aware of VMs to give the performance you need without having to configure for RAID groups, LUNs or any other storage constructs.  It’s performance simplicity with the right visibility.

Smart Conclusion – Performance is great, but you also need to be application-aware.

Come see simplicity and performance in action at Cisco Live in San Francisco May 18th – 22nd.  I’ll be in the booth along with a whole cast of Tintri people showing how Tintri VMstore, which is Cisco UCS IVT certified, can support your existing Cisco environment and make your life simple in running large scale virtualized environments. 

Scott Sherman / May 18, 2014