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VMworld 2014 Session

We have been hard at work here at Tintri getting our VMworld 2014 sessions submitted.  Our goal was to demonstrate our thought leadership and expertise in the virtualization space by crafting our sessions and talk tracks to appeal to the masses and not come to bear with sessions that seem more like vendor commercials. 

Below is the list of one dozen sessions the team at Tintri is involved in and all are up for public voting now!

Session Voting opened on May 5 and will run until May 18 at 11:59 pm PDT.  Voting is open to anyone, all you need to do is login to your vmworld.com account to participate. If you do not yet have a vmworld.com account, you can set one up for free.

Check out the sessions below and give us a thumbs up when voting!

Session #1464: VMware Log Insight 101 - How to Start Learning About Your Storage Machine Data         

Speaker: Scott Sauer, SE, Tintri. vExpert 2012, 2013, 2014

Learn how to use VMware Log Insight to find out how to utilize this powerful tool to help monitor internal storage infrastructure's machine data. Find out what's really going on under the covers by being able to query trending health data, which your entire infrastructure is logging on a daily basis.

Session #1542: Are Your Thin Disks in Need of a Diet? A Thin Provisioning Deep Dive

Speaker: Rob Girard, Technical Marketing Engineer, Tintri. vExpert 2014

Dive deep into the benefits of thin-provisioning, the need to monitor & manage them, how to recognize reclaimable bloat, as well as tips and techniques to automate reclaiming space.   Explore how common applications (SQL, Exchange, etc…) interact with (and dirty) NTFS blocks during daily operations and during specific maintenance operations such as a database defrag, log truncation and data exports.

Session #1811: Top 10 Do’s/Don’ts of data protection using VADP

Speaker: Dominic Cheah, Technical Marketing Engineer, Tintri

Check out the lessons learned about the various backup transport modes VADP provides for data protection, what pitfalls to avoid as well as recommended best practices with HotAdd, NBD and NBDSSL.

Session #1924: Tackling the Monster VM - How to Design for the Most Demanding Workloads

Speaker: Justin Lauer, Principal Technology Evangelist, Tintri. vExpert 2009-2014

This session will start with exploring what makes deploying a Monster VM possible, how big they can truly grow to, the required infrastructure and hypervisor design considerations and an overview of when it makes sense to deploy these Monster VMs.

Session #1926: The VM bottleneck has moved! What the Emergence of Flash Storage Means for Virtualization

Speaker: Justin Lauer, Principal Technology Evangelist, Tintri. vExpert 2009-2014

Despite what you may be hearing in the marketplace, Flash technology isn’t a magic bandaid for every problem in the datacenter.  To get the most out of Flash will often force change in the existing infrastructure.  Come learn how to best leverage Flash in the software defined datacenter.

Session #1927: VMFS or NFS Datastores ... Does it Really Matter?

Speaker: Justin Lauer, Principal Technology Evangelist, Tintri. vExpert 2009-2014

Should I use VMFS or NFS datastores? Every VM architect has asked themselves this question at least once.  This session will tackle this question head on, and help provide a path to enabling an educated decision free of misconceptions.

Session #1930: Increasing VM Density - Realizing the Promise of More with Less

Speaker: Justin Lauer, Principal Technology Evangelist, Tintri. vExpert 2009-2014

The success of running a highly dense VM environment mandates a well thought out design of both the hypervisor and the infrastructure underneath it. This session will focus on the methods for increasing VM density, the benefits and considerations this approach brings with it, as well as, the vSphere features that help enable.

Session #1995: vDocker: Achieving Multi-Cloud Mobility with VMware and Docker Linux Containers

Speaker: Chris Sears, Sr. Systems Engineer & Cloud Guy, Tintri

In this session, attendees will get an accelerated introduction to Docker and find out how to combine it with VMware technologies to enable scalable multi-cloud deployments. We will cover Docker’s origins in the world of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) infrastructure and highlight several related projects, including Vagrant, Shipyard and CoreOS. From there, we’ll explore a real world Docker use case where an enterprise app needs to move from developer laptops running VMware Fusion, to a QA lab running ESX, and then out to production environments in vCloud Hybrid Services.

Session #2075: Simplifying the Automated Cloud - VCAC and Tintri Working Together.

Speaker: Patrick Carmichael, Sr. Solutions Architect, VMware

Speaker: Scott Sherman, Sr. Sales Engineer, Tintri

If you've seen the diagrams for a full VCAC install, wondered how OpenStack might benefit you, or ever thought "Why am I building this again", then this session is for you. Simplifying the automated cloud will introduce you to the idea of architecting once, building many for your workloads, and we'll show you how building it right can greatly reduce the time spent deploying and architecting your environment.

Session #2186: NFS and its benefits to any virtual environment

Speaker: Scott Sherman, Senior Systems Engineer, Tintri

There is always a need for a solid NFS discussion.  This session will be an overview of the NFS protocol in a virtual environment covering such aspects as configuration, tuning, networking, and its use with ESX, VCAC and VDI.

Session #2409: Storage in the Cloud: Taxonomy and Trends

Speaker: Rex Walters, VP Technology, Tintri, Inc.

Remember when there used to be separate voice and data guys, and they had a hard time even communicating with each other? With IT increasingly focusing on servers, networking, and the cloud, are storage guys the new voice guys? Well, maybe, but it’s clear that server/virtualization teams and storage teams are often comprised of different people that still have a hard time communicating with each other. This session attempts to categorize the various approaches to persistent storage in virtualized environments, whether using traditional on-premises virtual infrastructure, or emerging off-premises public and private clouds.

Session #2754: New Kids on the Storage Block, File and Share: Lessons in Storage and Virtualization

Moderator: Howard Marks, Founder and Chief Scientist, DeepStorage.net

Speaker: David Siles, VP, Worldwide Field Operations, DataGravity

Speaker: Vaughn Stewart, Chief Evangelist, Pure Storage

Speaker: Justin Lauer, Principal Technology Evangelist, Tintri, Inc.

Speaker: Andrew Warfield, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Coho Data

Speaker: Umesh Maheshwari, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Nimble Storage

Speaker: Rajesh Nair, Chief Technology Officer, Tegile

This moderated panel discussion will focus on how the industry is changing the way organizations use and interact with storage, specifically highlighting new service oriented architectures, improved storage implementation and management technologies, and more.   Audience members will be active members of this session and are encouraged to send their burning questions for the panelists via Twitter.

Justin Lauer / May 06, 2014