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Missed us at VMworld US 2014?

Tintri@VMworld 2014If you were not able to join us this year at VMworld 2014 in San Francisco, or you were there but were not able to attend all of our sessions, do not worry. We've got you covered. 


We tweeted a lot of photos from the booth, from the sessions, from behind the scenes at theCUBE, and more.


VMware Virtual Volumes (VVOLs) were a major topic of discussion, both at sessions and at the booth where we demonstrated over 20,000 VVOLs running on a single Tintri VMstore. If you want to know more, you have to read Brandon Salmon's blog VMware Virtual Volumes – What it is and what to look for in storage implementations.

Automation for virtualization and private cloud was also an important theme. John Phillips gives a great introduction to the power of VM-level automation in his blog Introducing the Tintri Automation PowerShell Toolkit! 


Tintri’s Rex Walters spoke with Wikibon's Stu Miniman and SiliconANGLE's John Furrier from the floor of VMworld 2014 US about what customers are demanding from storage and servers. Watch the interview now at Data is Everything Because it has Converged.


If you missed the sessions led by Tintri, or if you just wanted a copy of the slides, we have PDF copies from three of our sessions:

To 10 Dos and Don'ts
BCO1811 - Top 10 Do’s / Don’ts of Data Protection For VMware vSphere

This session with Dominic Cheah, Technical Marketing Engineer with Tintri, details the lessons learned about the various backup transport modes VADP provides for data protection, what pitfalls to avoid as well as recommended best practices with HotAdd, NBD/NBDSSL on application-aware storage such as Tintri’s VMstore. In addition, the session would also show how easy it is to deploy VMware vSphere Data Protection Advanced (VDPA) to protect VMs and virtualized Exchange 2013 DAG.

Taxonomy & Trends STO2409-SPO - Storage in the Cloud: Taxonomy and Trends

Remember when there used to be separate voice and data guys, and they had a hard time even communicating with each other? With IT increasingly focusing on servers, networking, and the cloud, are storage guys the new voice guys? Well, maybe, but it’s clear that server/virtualization teams and storage teams are often comprised of different people that still have a hard time communicating with each other. This session hosted by Rex Walters, VP Technology with Tintri, attempts to categorize the various approaches to persistent storage in virtualized environments, whether using traditional on-premises virtual infrastructure, or emerging off-premises public and private clouds.

Powershell STO3034-SPO - Taking Application-Aware Storage to the Next Level with PowerCLI and PowerShell

John Phillips, Member of Technical Staff in Tintri Engineering, and Justin Lauer, Principal Technology Evangelist at Tintri, present a dynamic session with demos (sorry, this is just the slides!). As we quickly approach a time were over 80% of workloads will be virtualized, it is more apparent than ever that applications drive business and infrastructures exists solely to support these apps. This means it is critical for IT teams to focus on the performance, QoS, speed of deployment and scalability of applications instead of managing in the context of storage infrastructure.

Presentation recordings (VMworld attendees only)

If you attended VMworld 2014, but missed one of our sessions, VMworld has now posted the slides and audio for all the sessions on the VMworld website. This is only available for VMworld attendees, and you will need the email address you registered with. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to http://www.vmworld.com/community/sessions/2014/ and enter the name and email you registered for VMworld under, plus the math problem at the bottom.
  2. Once you are in the VMworld presentation site, do a search for the complete session number listed below
  3. The search will return the session you are looking for. Under the title, click WATCH to watch the session streaming from VMworld's website, or click DOWNLOAD to download a zipped folder which you can extract to your desktop and watch offline

If you were not able to attend VMworld and have questions on any of the topics we presented, please ask us any question at this link.

Session Title


Top 10 Do’s / Don’ts of Data Protection For VMware vSphere


Horizon View in a K-12 School District


Real-World Private Cloud: Tips and Tricks from a Fortune 1000 Enterprise Cloud Project


Storage in the Cloud: Taxonomy and Trends


New Kids on the Storage Block, File and Share: Lessons in Storage and Virtualization


Taking Application-Aware Storage to the Next Level with PowerCLI and PowerShell

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