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We're a company on the move

Just over one month ago, Tintri moved its headquarters to a new location. Today I want to reflect on our move and our new ‘home’.

It sometimes feels like I joined the company just yesterday rather than December of last year. One of the things I was asked to take a look at immediately after I joined Tintri was space requirements, which I initially thought a little odd as there appeared to be plenty of room in our previous location at 201 Ravendale. In fact, we had only been in the building for about six months, and the areas for Operations, Marketing and G&A had not even been built out with cubes. However, a review of our financial and hiring plans indicated that we could run out of space by the end of the year.

As it turned out, we grew even faster than projected and ran out of space even sooner (things were getting a little cozy). Teaming up with Pratik, who runs engineering, we started to look for new space. There were a number of conditions we were looking to meet: (1) Keep all headquarters staff in one building to foster culture and collaboration, (2) Remain located in Mountain View—and in a space with a cool vibe and (3) Naturally, stay within a targeted rent amount.

303 Ravendale, a few hundred feet down the street, was ironically, the first space we visited. We were surprised that it pretty much fitted the bill (though it seemed cavernous to Pratik and I at first sight). We looked at a number of other options, but quickly decided on that first location. An early breakfast meeting in San Francisco with the landlord, quick action on our part given a competitive market, and a glass of wine between the parties that Friday afternoon sealed it for us. It was the fastest real estate deal our brokers and I had ever worked on.

Then the next scramble – executing the move on a very tight schedule – planning the build out, dealing with architects, contractors, the City of Mountain View, space designations, what to do with the lab, the cafeteria, game room, and fitness room.  What seemed like a thousand details were being juggled as we continued to cram new hires into our old location… we ran out conference rooms, while the line for the bathroom got longer and longer.

But all that is a distant memory. Here we are, comfortably settled into the new building. I scratch my head as I walk around the office trying to figure out how we all managed to fit into the former building. It really does feel as if Tintri has taken a leap in our evolution with our new logo outside, the executive briefing center, training room, Hoopla installed in the Sales area, yoga, bootcamp, and a professional ping-pong table with an inaugural game, by a two-time table tennis Olympian, at the weekly Friday Beer Bash. Downtown Mountain View and the Cal Train station are only a short shuttle bus ride away. 

Feedback on the move and the new space has been unequivocally positive. I believe we all recognize that we now have a great base from which to build the next phase of the business. We have certainly moved fast, and the building is filling up quite nicely; but there is still plenty of room for more of us...

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