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Customer Fanatics

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and so it’s the right time to give thanks. At Tintri we have a lot to be thankful for… but at the top of the list is our customers.

As a marketer, I’m particularly grateful. Our customers actively contribute to our online community, refer their peers to buy Tintri, line-up to share their experiences and turn out to cheer us on at events. Why? They’re thankful for Tintri. They no longer spend their days fighting storage fires. Instead of managing LUNs and volumes they are tackling far more interesting and strategic tasks. One customer recently put it in holiday terms:

“My old storage solution was like cooking an entire Thanksgiving dinner on an old wood stove. Tintri is like cooking the whole thing in a crockpot that you set and forget.”

So, when we invited them to blog about their tips, tricks and experiences using Tintri, it wasn’t surprising to see a few hands quickly raised. Over the next couple of weeks we are turning over the blog to them. You’ll see for yourself why we are so thankful for their creativity, energy and support.

Yael Zheng / Nov 21, 2014

Yael brings to Tintri deep domain experience and marketing leadership helping some of the most successful companies in industry scale through rapid growth and achieve market leading positions. As ...more