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A Holiday Poem from your Friends at Tintri

Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays

Joy for storage doesn’t need
to be constrained to the season,
Our customers celebrate Tintri
for many a reason.

'Twas the night before holidays, and throughout the whole building,
The feeling was different as servers were glowing with gilding.

In the data center that was formerly black, loud and grim,
Was a new system, cherry red with snowy white trim.

"Well, look at that," said the admin, reaching out his palm,
"I think this Tintri VMstore is the source of the calm."

And with a twitch of his nose he was out the door in a dash,
Thinking of fruitcake-like density and performance that's all-flash

"I can go home for the holidays… that's one of the perks,"
"The beauty of Tintri is now storage just works."

And so off he ran home to join family for holiday fun.
This year he’d be carving turkey, instead of a LUN.

It’s been a great year for partners and customers ‘in the know’,
We hope next year you join us in battling the ‘storage quo’. 

— The Tintri Team