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Building a more energy-efficient data center

Maybe you’ve seen the headlines: the digital economy consumes a surprising amount of power. A single large data center can use as much power as all the homes in a small city. But if you help manage data centers, you’re not surprised. Data center hardware uses a lot of power and produces a lot of heat, which in turn requires cooling systems that burn yet more power. 

What’s the solution? Storage density has to be a big part of the power use calculation. You want more density for less power—without sacrificing performance. The recently released Tintri VMstore T800 series hardware provides the industry’s highest VM density (3500 VMs in 4U). It can greatly reduce the average data center’s space, power, and cooling usage. 

In virtualized environments, traditional storage tends to be over-provisioned for capacity in order to achieve a high level of consistent performance. Over-provisioned storage uses more space and more power and requires far more cooling.

In contrast, Tintri VMstore systems are purpose-built for virtualized environments. Tintri VMstore systems provide all flash performance with application-aware storage. Application-aware storage adapts to dynamically changing VM-based workloads. You get better performance and density for the same amount of basic capacity. 

What happens if you populate an entire data center with racks of VMstore T800 series devices? Compared to typical non-application aware storage, you could support more than three times the VMs, achieving better performance at consistent sub-millisecond latency – while using about the same amount of power and generating the same amount of heat. As data centers move towards 100% virtualization and as the size and number of VM workloads increases, agile support for massive numbers of VMs has to be part of the solution to the energy efficiency puzzle. 

Learn more about how Tintri VMstore systems can help you achieve greater VM density as you move towards 100% data center virtualization.