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Get Ready for More Complete VM Awareness from vRealize

People who manage virtualized and cloud environments have taken to VMware vRealize Operations, part of the VMware vRealize cloud management platform, like fish to water. It’s changing the way IT manages hybrid environments for the better. I’ve talked to many people who rely on vRealize, and they agree that the platform gives them insight into and control over cloud and on-premise environments that can seem a little chaotic otherwise. From a storage management perspective, vRealize is now even more powerful thanks to the Tintri Management Pack for VMware vRealize Operations. 

Perhaps you’ve already experienced vRealize Operations. The dashboards give you visibility into performance, capacity, and more. You can also use vRealize to spot and address performance issues more quickly and accurately. The ability to see trends easily helps you to avoid problems and plan more effectively. 

The Tintri Management Pack for vRealize Operations exposes key performance indicators (KPIs) for your Tintri storage to vRealize dashboards. It’s easy to install and allows you to have a consistent view of VMs and Tintri application-aware storage. Our integration simplifies how cloud administrators monitor performance and capacity. By linking VMs and storage, it also helps with planning and forecasting. The image below shows a vRealize dashboard that includes the Tintri Management Pack. 

vCenter Operations Manager


In case you’re not familiar with Tintri storage, I’ll explain what application-aware storage is. Traditional storage approaches don’t work that well in virtualized environments. On the one hand, you have these highly dynamic VMs, and on the other, you have storage built around relatively static LUNs and arrays. The two don’t always interact in ways that are easy to manage. You get a lot of complexity, and it’s tempting to deal with that by over-allocating storage, which is expensive and inefficient. 

Tintri simplifies storage for virtual environments and makes it easier to meet storage needs efficiently. With application-aware storage, you don’t need to worry about LUNs, arrays, etc. It’s all about the VM. You only need to think about how much storage you need for each VM; and you don’t need to think about that too much either—Tintri storage largely automates allocation. 

The Tintri Management Pack brings application-aware storage insight into vRealize. You easily understand performance and capacity storage details and can make sure replication processes are minimizing redundant data movement. You can even use one-to-one mapping of storage to individual VMs to spot VMs with high levels of change in performance and capacity utilization. It becomes much easier to identify and resolve performance issues proactively. 
We’re introducing the Tintri Management Pack at the VMware Partner Exchange (PEX) 2015 in San Francisco on February 3. Stop by booth 200 if you’re at VMware PEX or learn more by reading our At-A-Glance Datasheet. Existing customers can find it for free on our support download site.

The Tintri Management Pack will initially be available for vCOPS 5.8. We expect to add support for vRealize 6.0 in the coming months.


Chirag Shah / Feb 02, 2015

Chirag is Director of Product Management. He is responsible for OpenStack and Cloud Management solutions. Prior to Tintri, Chirag led business development at VMware as p...more