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Storage for vSphere with OpenStack

VMware recently released its OpenStack distribution, VMware Integrated OpenStack. It’s free to many vSphere users. With the release, you’ll be able to run OpenStack as a layer on top of vSphere. For people who already run vSphere, this could be a game-changer, especially in organizations eager to use OpenStack. VMware Integrated OpenStack offers a number of advantages for vSphere users.

OpenStack makes infrastructure largely invisible to end users. Tenants in an OpenStack cloud rapidly provision virtual machines (VMs). They simply specify the shared services—compute, networking, and storage—their applications need. With VMware Integrated OpenStack, all that happens on top of the vSphere environment. vSphere users can manage their traditional virtualized environment and OpenStack cloud with familiar processes.

If you’re already using application-aware storage from Tintri, you can keep doing so as you’ve always done as you use VMware Integrated OpenStack. The VMs in your OpenStack cloud will be able to access your stored data while built-in intelligence will help optimize performance, snapshotting, and monitoring. Being able to use Tintri storage with VMware Integrated OpenStack is helpful because conventional storage can create headaches in OpenStack environments.

You may be familiar with the challenges of using conventional storage in a virtualized datacenter. Conventional storage may be even more difficult with OpenStack. Take visibility, as an example. With conventional storage, it can be very difficult to monitor the performance of individual VMs. Conventional storage monitoring wasn’t designed to give visibility into IO in a virtualized environment—and it’s even more difficult with the ephemeral VMs in an OpenStack cloud. In contrast, Tintri storage lets you see what IO is going to which VMs even though the VMs are transient.

As more organizations run OpenStack—with and without vSphere—I anticipate that users are going to get hooked on being able to develop applications without worrying about the underlying infrastructure. At Tintri, we’re excited about this future because we believe that application-aware storage has unmatched potential to support OpenStack. Not familiar with application-aware storage? Learn more about application-aware storage

Brandon Salmon / Feb 17, 2015

Brandon Salmon has been working in systems and storage for over twelve years. He has a Ph.D in computer engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and a bachelors in computer science from Stanford...more