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Tintri weekend upgrade: flawless

Hey folks, just wanted to share a short good news story. I am running my T540's on OS 3.0. Last week I found an issue where some Tintri snapshots were building up and not deleting automatically. It turns out this is a recognised bug and through reading the release notes on support.tintri.com I found that the latest release of OS 3.0 had a fix in place. So I downloaded the update and set a reminder in my calendar to remote in from home and apply the update over the weekend.

Saturday morning arrived and I checked our Veeam backup reports - all good. I remoted in from home, uploaded the patch to my primary T540 and confirmed the checksum - all good. I clicked the 'upgrade now' button and the Tintri console acknowledged upgrade in progress.

Being Valentine's day, I went for a morning walk around our neighbourhood with my wife. I joyfully recounted for her the wonders of modern technology and how in years gone by this would have taken a whole weekend to upgrade a storage system because you would need to shutdown and move everything off, then come back with user tests etc., etc.  I'm sure she was completely bored with me going on about it, but after the short time it took us to walk around the block I got back, checked the update and the whole network was running perfectly.  My Tintri unit had finished upgrading itself and executed hot online swap overs all with no system downtime at all.  SQL, Exchange, VDI environment - everything running and no errors, drop outs or crashes etc.

I thought to myself 'Gotta love Tintri’. Quite fitting for the day :)

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Geoff Grice / Mar 03, 2015

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