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The Underpinnings of Tintri’s" No Jerks" Policy

Tintri has received a lot of attention for our ‘No Jerks’ policy. The latest is an interview with Christine Crandell, for BrightTalk’s new series, Market Movers. It’s a short segment on the policy, and a great representation of our workplace and people—I recommend you watch it now.

We all know that actions speak louder than words, and our policy is much more than rhetoric. First of all, it’s explicitly documented—here are the ten behaviors exhibited by jerks:

  1. Intimidating
  2. Bullying
  3. Assigning Blame
  4. Taking Undeserved Credit
  5. Being overly Negative
  6. Subordinating Company Interests to Individual, Group, Function, etc.
  7. Withholding Critical Information for Political Reasons
  8. Saying “No” Instead of “How Can I Help?”
  9. Being Hypocritical
  10. Complicating Things That Inhibit Progress

If any employee consistently violates one or more of these principles, their co-workers will call them out. If offenses are repeated, we part ways. It’s that simple—we don’t have room for jerks. 

But the beauty of this kind of policy is that it becomes embedded in the recruiting and hiring process. Since our employees have the policy in mind, they are exceptionally good at recognizing the warning signs of bad behavior and filtering out jerks early. That means that we don’t have to deal with jerks later. And that’s what ensures Tintri remains a great place to work. 

Check out the video on Market Movers, and then check out our job postings