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Break the More Law with Tintri Global Center

You’ve heard of Moore’s Law; in the storage world, there’s the More Law. The more VMs you provision, the more complexity you introduce.

If you have some responsibility for your enterprise’s data center or you’re operating a service provider cloud, you’re bound by the law. You’ve got many workloads—test systems, production environments, critical apps, etc. You try to keep track of host and storage locations, backup schedules and other key info via spreadsheet. But as workloads change and VMs shuffle around, that spreadsheet shifts from management to misery.

With the recent release of Tintri Global Center 2.0 (TGC), there’s a better way. This is the literal 2.0 of management at scale—a completely different (and far more advanced) approach; one that shows the power of VM-level storage.

First off, TGC lets you manage up to 32 Tintri VMstores (that’s >100,000 VMs and 3.2PB of data) from a single pane of glass. And now, one of the game-changing capabilities in this 2.0 release is Service Groups. Here’s how it works:

  • Create a Service Group of VMs that share common management needs. These VMs can be from a single hypervisor or spread across multiple hypervisors (HyperV, vSphere, RHEV)
  • Manage group membership according to VM name, hypervisor path or other criteria (so newly added VMs can be automatically swept into the appropriate Service Group)
  • Apply policies at the Service Group level—they automatically trickle down to all the component VMs
  • vMotion any VM from one VMstore to another over time, even if your VMstores are globally distributed, the VM’s original policies will remain with it


In practice, this means you can apply common management rules to Service Groups. Snapshot schedules, replication settings and more will be applied to all existing Service Group member VMs, plus all new VMs you create that qualify for Service Group membership. If there is ever a conflict—between the policy of the Service Group and a VMstore—TGC provides you a simple global setting to determine which one ‘wins’.

Tintri’s emphasis on automation frees you and your team from mundane storage tasks to focus on higher impact projects. And let me harp on the key point—this degree of automation and control is ONLY possible when storage is built at the VM-level. Tintri is the only game in town, and TGC is the only way to manage at scale and break the (More) Law.

Want to see TGC in action? We’d love to show you; reach out to your Tintri salesperson or let us know how to best get in touch

Sunil Muralidhar / Apr 13, 2015

Sunil is a Senior Product Manager responsible for Tintri Global Center and Automation Toolkit. Prior to Tintri, Sunil was a PM at VMware on ...more