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See Tintri at Cisco Live! (Booth 1333)

Cisco Live is just around the corner, and we're excited to see you there! From June 7 to 10, Cisco experts will be delivering world-class education and training, not to mention a variety of networking opportunities. Plus, our very own Tintri extraordinaires will be working Booth 1333. We can't wait to have you drop by.

Check out some Cisco Live highlights!

Our partnership with Cisco is deepening. From the thousands of UCS hosts that are connected to Tintri storage systems to our listing on the Cisco UCS HCL and our Preferred Solutions Partner status, we’re pumped and so are our mutual customers. Check out what they are saying on the Cisco Marketplace about Tintri VMstore:

"We were early adopters of Tintri's VMStore technology and partnered it with our existing VMWare deployment on UCS. The setup and deployment of our VMstore was quick and painless. Within an hour of getting the box in the door we had it racked, configured and presented to VSphere. The insight into our VM environment we gained immediately that was not present on our legacy storage array has proven invaluable.

We currently have two T540s that have been rock solid since installation, zero downtime and zero failed components.

Tintri as a company has been outstanding to deal with. They are very proactive and provide top notch customer service. I would highly recommend the company and their product line." - William Earles

Check out QoS in action on Tintri Global Center.
Set QoS quickly and easily on Tintri Global Center.

We originally received a Tintri VMstore as part of our VMware View VDI POC environment, and also utilized UCS blades as our compute. Through testing we were blown away at how quickly VMs could be refreshed/reimaged on the Tintri VMstore. We ended up buying two T540s and have never looked back.

The Tintri VMstore is super simple to setup. You probably spend more time racking it then at the console setting it up. Attaching the Tintri VMstore to a host in vSphere is just as simple; a few clicks and you’re ready to start migrating VMs to it.

I’d also like to mention how reliable our T540s have been. We’ve not experienced any unplanned downtime, no failed drives, and the redundant modules make OS upgrades on the Tintri VMstore un-intrusive to the end users (yay! No more upgrades at 3 AM on Sunday!).

I’d highly recommend you give Tintri a look if you’re in the market for a hybrid flash solution. - Matt W.

We evaluated a Tintri VMstore for our hosted VDI (DaaS) service as our incumbent platform was not up to the challenge of a VDI workload at scale. We had the Tintri up against roughly 5-6 other platforms. My entire team was highly impressed with the platform, which performed fantastically and at a great value. The balance of capacity and raw performance (IOPS/throughput) we found to be right on the money. With Tintri, we wouldn't be hitting performance ceilings and leaving tons of space empty, or vice versa with running out of space while leaving tens of thousands of (expensive) IOPs unused.

We have expanded our deployment since our first unit, and will continue to do so. Product development for Tintri truly "gets it" and their feature roadmap is well thought out. Troubleshooting and monitoring storage performance and consumption is also much easier for our virtualization admins to do since we've moved to Tintri, which has been a big help operationally.

I highly recommend evaluating a Tintri VMstore in your virtualization deployments. - Dan Timko

Learn how Major Regional Medical Center implemented VDI with Tintri.


Coming from a storage platform from a company with a three letter (albeit formulaic) name, we can honestly say that Tintri has been a breath of fresh air for our team. It could not have been easier to set up in the environment. We have the Tintri boxes connecting directly to the Cisco Fabric Interconnects, and the setup is working flawlessly. We are using them in two locations (Primary & DR) on the latest generation T850 (Primary) and T820 (DR). Workloads include virtual servers, SQL and VDI. We had them racked and mounted in VMware within an hour, and had production workloads on them within the following day. We are utilizing their data protection (ReplicateVM) with SRM as well, though that was a bit more involved. We love the performance, simplicity. and the support so far has been as proactive as promised. We absolutely could not be happier with our decision to move to Tintri. I would easily recommend them to anyone in a similar situation. - Joshua Perkins

We are incredibly grateful for the kind words and humbled to have earned the trust and glowing endorsement of so many amazing customers. We're committed to continue making the best storage for server virtualization and private cloud out there. If your workloads are virtualized, come see us at Booth 1333 next week! It'll be worth your while: just ask our happy and loyal customers.