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Tech Preview: PowerShell Toolkit 2.0

I have good news for those of you that like to use PowerShell to control your Tintri servers. The PowerShell Automation Toolkit 2.0 is now in Tech Preview. This means that the Toolkit is available for download and we are soliciting your feedback.

The 2.0 version is now using API features in the latest API release, v310.21, available in Tintri OS 3.2 and TGC 2.0.

These features include:

The TGC Service Group cmdlets make available creating and editing service groups, viewing all VMs and VM policies in service groups, and applying protection/replication policies to a service group. Use New-TintriServiceGroup to create a Service Group. To add VMs, use Add-TintriVmServiceGroupMember. Service Groups can have add VM rules. New-TintriServiceGroupRule creates the rules that control which VMs are to be added to the Service Group. The cmdlets, Set-TintriVmSnapshotSchedule and New-TintriVmReplConfiguration now take Service Group objects as inputs.

The PowerShell cmdlets New-TintriVmClone and New-TintriVMCloneMany now work with Hyper-V VMs.

High Frequency Snapshots can now be enabled with a new option "EveryMinute" for the New-TintriVmSnapshpSchedule cmdlet.

Since snapshot schedules are being discussed, there is now a way to remove or clear snapshot schedules with the Clear-TintriVMSnapshotSchedule cmdlet.

QoS parameters, minimum and maximum normalized IOPS, can now be set per VM with Set-TintriVMQos. The Get-TintriVM cmdlet has been updated to show QoS information when set. VM objects can be piped to Set-TintriVMQos.

SSO authentication using current Windows credentials is now supported for Connect-TintriServer. Now passwords don't have to be embedded in scripts or prompted for. This is similar to PowerCLI's Connect-VIServer.

SyncVM is now available which allows both use cases:

  • sync a VM to one of its previous snapshots
  • sync selected vDisks to one or more VMs from a different VM snapshot

The first case has new cmdlet, Sync-TintriVM, and the second use case uses the new Sync-TintriVDisk. There is a convenience option AllButFirstVDisk for Sync-TintriVDisk to sync to all virtual disks, except the first or zeroth disk.

GitHub examples will be posted soon and I'll let you know when they are available. I think you'll find PowerShell Toolkit 2.0 filled with great features that will allow you to effectively automate your VMstores and TGCs.

Rick Ehrhart / Jun 23, 2015

Rick Ehrhart is Tintri’s Developer Evangelist with a strong software development background focusing on APIs. Rick has assisted many companies with API integrations including VMware, NetApp, HP, ...more