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Tintri Automation Toolkit for Everyone

Last week, Rick Ehrhart wrote a Tech Preview of our new product, Tintri Automation Toolkit. Today, we're excited to announce that we've posted Tintri Automation Toolkit 2.0 on the Tintri Support Portal for all customers!

Version 2.0 of our Toolkit now supports several new key features:

  • Ability to manage TGC Service Groups: Create and edit service groups, apply protection/replication policies to a service group, and view its members.
  • Ability to clone Hyper-V VMs.
  • Enable and disable high-frequency snapshots per VM.
  • Set QoS policies per VM.
  • SSO authentication with VMstores.
  • SyncVM features.

Tintri Automation Toolkit 2.0 will replace the previous version, 1.5, on the Support Portal. If you need an refresher on the Toolkit, here's an introductory video below:

Don't forget to visit the Tintri GitHub page for code samples and the Tintricity Forum for questions, comments and concerns. And remember to register for our upcoming Automation Toolkit webinar!