The New All-Flash Array | VMstore T5000 All-Flash

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The All-New All-Flash Array

Today, we're announcing something special.

Since April 2011, Tintri customers have experienced the freedom of virtual machine-level storage. From replicating VMs (in just three clicks) to adjusting Quality of Service per VM, Tintri customers have discovered not only VM-aware storage, but a hyper-granular, hybrid-flash storage system that simply stores virtual workloads. Tintri delivers freedom from LUNs and volumes, and has since day one.

That’s why I’m excited to announce the world’s first VM-level all-flash storage with the Tintri VMstore T5000 All-Flash series.


Now, more than ever, customers have a choice when it comes to storage. Tintri’s hybrid-flash arrays already derive 99-100% I/O from flash—but our roadmap is strongly influenced by the needs and wants of our customers and enterprise buyers.

So, to help Tintri customers manage those sprawling multi-TB database farms and large persistent VDI desktops, we’re bringing our VM-level management to all-flash. That means you can be all-flash and work at the VM-level, just as you can with our Tintri Hybrid-Flash storage. You’re LUN-free.

VMstore All-Flash

If you’re hungry for details, Tintri’s own Satinder Sharma has written a feature overview of the new T5000 series. And if you’re wondering about changes to Tintri APIs and Tintri Global Center, Rick Ehrhart’s written a special edition of Ask Rick just for you.

That’s not all, though. At Tintri, we know it’s difficult to wrangle VDI, server virtualization and private cloud implementations, especially when it comes to the flexibility to scale in any direction. Which is why I’m also proud to announce the world’s first VM-level partner-led converged stack, VMstack—with Tintri VMstore as its backbone.


5S, Groupware, nfrastructure, p1, redicloud, virtualarmor

Tintri partners 5s Technologies, Groupware Technology, nfrastructure, p1 Technologies, redicloud and Virtual Armor have built VMstack configurations that include best-of-breed components and Tintri storage. This approach offers customers more flexibility—instead of single vendor lock-in, they can scale in any direction. And with Tintri storage, VMstack customers will have visibility at the VM-level across their entire infrastructure. That’s what organizations need to offer service agility and move towards an IT-as-a-service model. 

VM-level converged stack

At the end of the day, Tintri has always been about listening to our customers: giving customers more choice in storage, and keeping storage simple. 

See you soon,

Ken Klein
CEO, Tintri