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Tintri Raises $125 Million

This morning, Tintri announced the closing of a $125M funding round, bringing our company’s total funding to $260M. This round was particularly exceptional for three major reasons.

First—our investors. Silver Lake is smart money. Its other investments include Avaya, Alibaba, Dell, IDC, Sabre and many more technology leaders. Silver Lake’s savvy ideas and connections will only accelerate our growth.

Second—our products. This was an oversubscribed round, and that’s because our products sit at the intersection of the macro trends shaping the data center:

  • virtualization (having climbed from 2% to 75% of workloads in a decade)
  • flash (promising predictable performance)
  • cloud (seeing a $300B spending shift from on-premise)

Third—our customers. We’ve welcomed some of the world’s most admired brands and technology leaders to our customer community. They continue to award us stratospheric satisfaction scores and challenge us to push the boundaries of the data center further.

So, how will we put this money to work? We’re on a mission to simply store virtualized workloads, and that requires that we raise visibility of VM-aware storage (VAS). Conventional DAS, NAS and SAN just don’t keep pace with virtualization and cloud, which is why companies that switch to VAS never look back.

We’ll use our funding to accelerate that switch. And while we enjoy exceptional (>80%) win rates against all conventional storage providers, our focus is on NetApp. That’s because in our experience, NetApp’s customers are the most frustrated with the lack of innovation and solutions for a virtualized world. They want to break up with NetApp, but need to know there is a better alternative. That’s Tintri.

Hundreds of customers have already made the switch from NetApp to Tintri, and they’re beckoning their peers. How do they describe the move? In their words:

“It’s like discovering an oasis after wandering a desert for years.”

“It’s the difference between ice fishing on a slushy lake and sipping mai tais on a beach.”

“I don’t manage storage any longer; I just manage applications.”

(And they have a lot more to say where that came from.)

Now, we’re in rarified air—and we’ve earned it by helping customers breathe easier. The world is virtual, and the value of keeping storage simple is very real.

Want to learn more? Join us for an online presentation on August 20, 2015. We’d also like to extend a special invitation to you to attend Tintricity, Tintri’s annual user conference in San Francisco, on August 30. It’s free—and soon, you will be too.