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The Top 5 Tintricity Takeaways


Yesterday, we hosted Tintri’s second annual user conference: Tintricity. This year, Tintri talked momentum, and you could see it in action. Partners, customers and future customers drove our attendance to five times that of last year’s. And looking at everything from presentations to keynotes to customer-led best practice sessions, one thing was for sure: Tintri’s going places, and you can tag along.

Here are the top five Tintricity Takeaways:

“Trust us with 100% of your VMs.”

In his opening keynote, our CEO and Chairman, Ken Klein, talked about Tintri’s rapid growth and made a bold ask of the audience. Tintri is the standard for virtualized applications and cloud, and more organizations need to standardize on Tintri.

“Simplicity stems from abstraction.”

CTO and Co-founder, Kieran Harty, used the example of Apple’s abstraction (OS from Services from Media) in its devices to explain the power of abstraction to mute complexity. He then showed how Tintri’s abstraction to VMs and VMstore systems fed a roadmap including automated load balancing, analytics and deep hypervisor integration.

“3 out of 4 organizations now have a virtual-first strategy.”

IDC Analyst, Eric Sheppard, came armed with data on the shift from physical to virtualized workloads. In the past 12 months, the number of organizations that are virtual-first has climbed from 56% to 77%.

“VM-aware storage is the future of the SDDC.”

Special guest, Carl Eschenbach, the President and COO of VMware, spoke about the value of partnering with Tintri. It’s already a statement when the COO steps away from his own conference to speak at your event, and Carl doubled down by positioning VM-aware storage as a prerequisite to building a software-defined data center. 

“20,000 VMs provisioned per month across a footprint of 1.8 PB and 8 datacenters… in just 2 hours per week.”

Tintri handed out its first ever customer awards and the Innovation Award went to Autodesk for its remarkable use of Tintri storage. The company has an enormous (and agile) footprint that one person manages in just 2 hours per week. Tintri is all about simplicity, and Autodesk is a brilliant example of simplicity at work.

As Tintricity closed, VMworld began, and hundreds of attendees shuttled down the street to the Moscone center—where we’ll keep the momentum going. Check out our Tintricity social stream below, and don’t forget: we’re at VMworld, too. Visit us at Booth 921!