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Introducing Tintri Global Center 2.1

Key Takeaways

  • Tintri Global Center 2.1 has been released for general availability on the Tintri Support Portal.
  • 2.1 introduces a slew of new features, including management of Tintri All-Flash arrays, per-VM QoS, breakdown of storage latency into contention, disk and flash, and more



Your datacenter is complex and spread across many remote locations to support many different virtualized workloads of various sizes, VDI, private cloud, software development, and more.

Virtual machines and applications constantly move and migrate from host to host and from datastore to datastore in search of the perfect home that delivers higher availability and responsiveness. Moving targets make it extremely difficult for any IT administrators to visualize and manage, and updating shared spreadsheets can be extremely mundane.

Plus, discovering that the last person didn’t update the right document can lead to unwanted side effects like nausea, migraines, and loss of sleep.

Although not FDA-approved (yet), Tintri has a remedy in Tintri Global Center (TGC), now newly updated to 2.1 and available for download from the Tintri Support Portal. TGC allows virtualization and storage engineers to keep track of all aspects of their virtual machines: location, storage, hypervisor type and manager, performance reserves, protection policies and schedules for snapshots, replication and QoS settings.

Moreover, you can identify metrics for any virtual machine, regardless of location, at the per-VM and per-vDisk level. And the ability to pinpoint resource contention and performance bottlenecks reduces the mean time to resolution, allowing any IT administrator to sleep better at night, perform daily duties efficiently and focus on core business requirements.

And best of all, this rich information and management of your VMs applies to best of breed hypervisors including VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and RedHat KVM—and even more in future releases.



Introducing 2.1

You might already know that TGC lets you manage up to 32 Tintri VMstores (or 3.2 PB of data, over 100,000 VMs and 4.5 million IOPS) all within the same single pane of glass. But we’ve just released a whole slew of additional features and support with our latest 2.1 launch:

AFA and Tintri OS 4.0 support:

  • Includes support for VMstores running Tintri OS 4.0. All management and monitoring capabilities for Hybrid VMstores will also be supported for the newly introduced All-Flash systems.

VMstores Overview

Per-VM QoS at VM- and Service Group-level:

  • Provides the ability to set per-VM QoS limits, both at the individual VM-level and at the Service Group-level.

Configure QoS

Multiple metrics on Dashboard page:

  • Supports two modes on the dashboard page—"Key Metrics" and "All Metrics."


Storage latency breakdown:

  • Provides breakdown of storage latency into the following categories: contention, disk and flash.

VMs Overview

Perspectives for Virtual Machines table:

  • Perspectives groups columns together based on a certain viewpoint—Space, QoS, etc. This version of TGC extends perspectives to the Virtual Machines table, providing a quick way to switch between different viewpoints without having to select/unselect columns frequently.

VMs Overview

Single Sign-On (SSO):

  • Provides a prompt-less logon to VMstores using SSO.

Your datacenter never ceases to sleep! Your storage requirements will continue to grow and your demands for responsiveness will continue to expand. Don’t let virtual machine sprawl and loss of visibility keep you up at night!

If you haven’t already, give us a shout, get a test drive on TGC, and get a global view of your virtual infrastructure.