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Tintricity in Photos

We had a great time with you all at Tintricity, and we'd love to relive the good memories-- and share them with those of you we didn't see. Together, we smashed the storage quo wide open. And what a smash it was.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then we should probably let these speak for themselves. And don't forget, we're still at VMworld: Booth 921. See you there!

Carl says: See you soon.

Tintricity banner at the Terra Gallery

Tintri registration deck ready to rumble

Tintricity guests at CEO Ken Klein's keynote

Ken Klein: "Trust us with 100% of your VMs."

Tintricity's definitely a photo op.

Tintri co-founder and CTO Kieran Harty on VM-aware storage.

Containers and VMs are just different flavors.



Lunchtime at Tintricity.

Healthy eats for healthy VM caretakers of healthy VMs.

Tintricity was a great networking op.

Attendees were able to mingle with Tintri CTO Kieran Harty, CMO Yael Zheng, and VMware president and COO Carl Eschenbach.

Tintri CMO Yael Zheng and VMware COO and President Carl Eschenbach meet for a fireside chat at Tintricity.

Thomas Middleditch came to Silicon Valley straight out of #SiliconValley.

Middleditch: origin of many a snapshot. And not the VM-level kind.

Tintri EVP of Alliances definitely liking Thomas Middleditch's jibe.

Watch out Thomas, it's Carl the Storage Guy.

Thomas Middleditch working on Tintri UI. It's really Silicon Valley now.

Attendees probably didn't expect to see Thomas Middleditch replicate any VMs today.

You programmed yourself into this?

Tintri's so simple, you can just kick back and drink beer for the rest of your workday.

Carl + Thomas @ Tintricity.