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VMworld 2015: Avoiding Noisy Neighbors

With more than 22,000 attendees from all over the world, VMworld 2015 definitely was an event to remember. This year, the theme of VMworld was "Ready for Any." Expanding on that theme, Sanjay Poonen, General Manager of the End-User Computing Group at VMware, emphasized "enterprise computing with consumer simplicity." That's the kind of change Tintri is all about, so when people crowded into and around the Tintri booth all four days, we were happy to spread the word.

People packed into the Tintri booth across all four days at VMworld 2015.

For Tintri, VMworld 2015 came just in time after three incredible announcements. In case you missed them they were:

We're building momentum, and it's not just our customers who are excited. Attendees not only understood what VM-aware storage (VAS) meant, but also spent a lot of time with us looking at demos, understanding how VAS could help them with ease of management, performance and value. At VMworld 2015, we shared both our technology and our vision with Tintri partners, customers and prospects.

Seriously. People. Packed. In.

Now, more than ever, people are joining Tintri in our quest to end LUN addiction and stop storage insanity. Like our customers, VMworld attendees learned how VM-aware storage would help them break through performance bottlenecks, and return sanity back to their LUN-afflicted lives.

At VMworld, we featured a three-step journey to free yourself from LUNs. And unlike legacy storage, it's fun and easy. For those of you new to Tintri, here's our three-step program. And for those of you returning, let's take a trip down memory lane.

The three steps to end LUN addiction: 1, admit to LUN addiction. 2, challenge the storage quo. 3, embrace VM-aware storage.

Three Steps to Set Yourself Free

Step One: Admit to LUN Addiction

With LUNs and volumes, we play Storage Tetris all the time. I don't like Storage Tetris, but I do like Storage Tintris. At VMworld, we even had a tournament for Storage Tintris, with prizes for those Storage Tintris Experts. The prizes may be all gone, but you can still get Storage Tintris on the App Store and Google Play. And with Tintri power-ups and bonuses, you'll see that though you might be addicted to LUNs (and possibly Storage Tintris), Tintri can make things a whole lot easier. (I know Tintri made my game easier.)

Step Two: Challenge the Storage Quo

Through Tintricity presentations, VMworld seminars and plenty of Tintri theater sessions, attendees learned how to break free from legacy storage and embrace virtualization. And of course, they got a glimpse of the impressive new Tintri VMstore T5000 series

1x 40U Rack T5000

1.4 PB


100,000 VMs

And during the great Storage Upstarts: More than a "Flash" in the Pan session, the vaunted Howard Marks said something that really resonated with the audience and me: "If your biggest pain point is administration, then you need VM-awareness."

With our focus on simply storing virtual workloads, Tintri can fully get behind that.

Step Three: Embrace VM-aware Storage


Ready to get rid of those LUNs? Then it's time to celebrate. Even Thomas Middleditch, our special guest at Tintricity, realized just how easy an admin's workday is with Tintri. Replicate some VMs, set some drag-and-drop QoS ... and then celebrate in the simplicity of Tintri. Possibly with libations.

Let's just keep the beer between you and me though.

It was absolutely gratifying to see so much traffic (the good kind), from our customer meetings to our booth demos, and even more gratifying to see our customers spill even into adjacent booths for every presentation. (Sorry neighbors.)

And with customers packed into our appreciation party like so many VMs, I still felt excited as I packed it all up at the end of VMworld. To our customers and to those of you who are curious about Tintri, thanks for a great show. We'll see you again soon.

- Prashant

P.S. In case you're wondering about the title of my post ...

VMworld exhibition; Tintri stand across aisle from SolidFire with Tintri display saying it solves noisy neighbour problem. Oh ho ho ho.

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