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Wrapping up VMworld 2015

Well, it's a beautiful Thursday morning, the VMs are humming in VMstores all over the world, and Team Tintri is back at the office after a great week at Tintricity and VMworld. From Thomas Middleditch to Carl the Storage Guy; from screwdriver pens to Apple Watches galore; from hordes of people at Booth 921 to ... well, hordes of people at Booth 921, we've had an incredible time with all of you. And from the social media buzz, it looks like you had fun, too.

Check out our Storify below to reminisce on the past couple of days at VMworld, and don't forget to give us a shout-out @Tintri! We loved seeing you all, and we're always open to more conversation. Stay tuned for more photos and experiences from VMworld, and let's keep challenging the storage quo.