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Back to the Future of Storage

Back to the Future of Storage

It's October 21, 2015. And that means any second now, Marty and Doc will arrive from 1985, as they did in Back to the Future II.

That movie predicted all sorts of things about our world, from flat screen TVs to flying cars to the Cubs winning the World Series (perhaps the craziest idea, and yet a real possibility).

If Marty McFly had visited a data center in Back to the Future II, what would the writers have imagined? Not conventional, physical-era storage. Maybe something more like the VM-aware storage (VAS) that Tintri has introduced. Just consider how our innovations parallel other predictions in the film.

  • Time travel. This is the basic premise of the movie, but only brought to life in the data center by Tintri. Our SyncVM technology lets you move back and forth between recovery points (traveling through time) without EVER losing your performance history. Compare that to conventional storage, which only lets you go backwards, and loses everything. If Marty was stuck with the equivalent he’d zip from 1985 back to 1955 and never be able to return to the present.
  • Hover boards. The evolution of the skateboard lets Marty get from A-to-B quickly and safely. Similarly, Tintri has performance isolation, the ability to assign every VM its own lane. They can travel quickly and safely without worry of traffic jams or conflict.
  • 3D. In the movie, 3D visuals are everywhere. And while the Tintri UI isn’t yet in 3D, we do let you see in three dimensions. You can see every single VM across (1) host, (2) network and (3) storage. If a VM is under-performing you can pinpoint the root cause in seconds.
Why 2015 won't be like 1985

In the spirit of B2F II day, we have two contests for you. The first is for a pair of Marty McFly’s self-lacing sneakers. OK, so they’re not the Nike version (those are going up for auction next year)… but they’re still pretty cool. Enter for your chance to win below.

Back to the Future

The second contest is for a drone. In the movie, drones walk the characters’ dogs. In our contest, we walk you through how to save 50% of the cost and time you invest in storage, and to thank you we give you a drone. We call it the Time is Money promotion, and you can learn more here. Supplies are limited so either act now, or invent a time machine and return to the promotion at your leisure. Just don't bring Biff.