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Breaking up with NetApp

Key Takeaways:

  • Legacy storage is becoming increasingly out of place in a world where close to 80% of workloads are virtualized.
  • Now is the era of VM-Aware Storage (VAS): storage that lets you manage your virtualized workloads with VM-level granularity.
  • See for yourself: share some info on your virtual environment, and get a free Parrot drone.

The News on NetApp

NetApp’s annual user conference—Insight 2015—kicks off in Las Vegas next week. It appears to us that the company could certainly use some insight about where it’s going. During the past year, the company has experienced some interesting developments, including a disruptive product upgrade, leadership changes, declining stock prices, and more.

We believe that anyone looking to NetApp for something suited to their virtualized workloads might have to keep waiting—their LUN and volume based storage seems to us to be increasingly out of place in a world where close to 80% of workloads are virtualized.

Others also believe that things are not likely to get any easier for NetApp. Jason Ader, an analyst from William Blair, recently observed:

The company still seems to be in relative denial about the core causes for its struggles and looks to have set the bar way too high for fiscal second-half revenue and margins ... We expect NetApp's downward spiral to continue and would avoid the stock.

Meanwhile, Aaron Rakers, Managing Director from Stifel, recently commented:

NetApp continues to be dismissive of the long-term competitive threat of emerging storage vendors, citing improving traction of its flash portfolio and the company’s position for the transition to hybrid cloud (Data Fabric strategy). Some 15 per cent of NetApp’s base has migrated to Clustered ONTAP from 7-mode, so there is 85 per cent of the base still to play for. Upgrading to Clustered Data ONTAP requires a forklift/rip-and-replace upgrade of existing infrastructure, and thus we believe leaving NetApp more susceptible or a target of competitive solutions from emerging storage vendors.

How the VAS is greener

Fortunately, if you are fed up with the storage quo you can “break up” with NetApp and start a healthy relationship with VM-aware storage (VAS). You’ve heard of DAS, NAS and SAN—now it’s the VAS era. While we wrote the “Dear John” letter in our Wall Street Journal ad, it could easily have come from any of our customers. They'll tell you that the VAS is Greener. VM-aware storage performs faster with less hand-holding, and offers VM-level data management, protection, analysis and automation.

How is the VAS greener? Imagine you could:

  • See across your entire virtual infrastructure (host, network and storage) and identify performance problems in minutes.
  • Host 100,000 VMs in a single 42U rack with nearly 1.5 PB of addressable storage at sub millisecond latencies – and spend less than an hour a month managing it.
  • Never have to worry about RAID levels, LUN masking, Volume layout, queue depth settings, “profiles,” SSD/HDD capacity, drive types, etc. ever again.

It’s real at Tintri, and that’s why in competitive engagements against NetApp, we have an 80%+ win rate.

Straight from our customers

Just ask our customers. Magnus Osterlund, Senior VMware, Wintel Expert at Solid Park recently wrote on LinkedIn:

You can hear even more from other customers who selected Tintri as their choice for virtualized workloads, including US Army, University of California at Irvine, Reinhart Law, and Atlantic Metro Communications.

See for yourself

Ready to see why the VAS is greener? Test drive our UI and check out some of our favorite quotes from your peers who have become big VAS fans. And if you’re ready to take the next step, you can take advantage of our Time is Money promotion: share some information about your virtual environment, and we’ll provide you with some free analytics—and a Parrot drone, so you can see even more.

We believe that NetApp faces a tough road ahead. But for Tintri VM-aware storage, the future is clear and simple.

Yael Zheng / Oct 09, 2015

Yael brings to Tintri deep domain experience and marketing leadership helping some of the most successful companies in industry scale through rapid growth and achieve market leading positions. As ...more