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How to Train Your Monster VMs

Key Takeaways:

  • Every admin deals with Monster VMs, from the resource-hogging Gulper to the unpredictable Beast.
  • But don’t let your storage scare you: Tintri can tame your Monster VMs with per-VM QoS
  • Only Tintri gives you both Hybrid-Flash and All-Flash arrays that work on the VM level

It’s a beautiful day in the data center. Your storage is humming along, your virtual machines are well-behaved, and you’ve got a mug full of piping, hot coffee. Staring at the surface you see it suddenly ripple… looking at your storage you know why—you’ve got Monster VMs.

What’s a Monster VM? Well, it’s any virtual machine residing in your data center. You might call them virtualized databases, virtual desktops or something else entirely. We call them monsters; since each and every one has the potential to misbehave.

Now, if you’ve got Tintri, the idea that you’ve got Monsters lurking in your storage doesn’t bother you in the least. Since you’ve got per-VM cloning, replication, QoS, analytics and a balance of All-Flash and Hybrid-Flash, you can give each and every one exactly what it needs to stay happy and productive.

The Gulper is a flash-eating menace that terrorizes conventional storage.
The Gulper is a flash-eating menace that terrorizes conventional storage.

However, if you’re stuck with conventional, LUN-based storage, your alarms are sounding—you’re Jeff Goldblum in the middle of Jurassic Park. A bunch of resource-hungry, unpredictable creatures are the noisiest of neighbors and they are creating chaos in your data center environment.

In either case, as storage gamekeeper your job is Monster management. You’ve seen them all, but you may not have a lexicon to describe them, so team Tintri has done a little zoology to help.

Like it or not, the Monsters are there, and you’ve got a choice. Run as fast as you can while they eat your storage (and your time) alive, or tame these beasts so they become an admin’s best friend.

Explore the links above and tweet us your ideas for other Monsters. If we like your idea, we'll publish it as a blog. And we'll give you a $25 iTunes gift card for your trouble, so you can watch a Monster VM movie on us.