Tintri Automation Toolkit for PowerShell 2.5 Released

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Tintri Automation Toolkit for PowerShell 2.5 Released

The latest release of Tintri Automation Tookit for PowerShell 2.5 is now available for download. This 2.5 version is using API features in the latest API release, v310.31, available in Tintri OS 4.0 and Tintri Global Center (TGC) 2.1. These features include:

  • Update VMstore(s) given the RPM file
  • Configure appliance settings (Data IPs, DNS, Autosupport, Alerts)
  • Configure Hypervisor Managers on a VMstore
  • Set QoS policies in TGC Service Groups
  • Assist SyncVM File-Level-Restore
  • Manage VMstores on a TGC
  • Set quotas on SMB shares
  • Tintri cmdlet search
  • Support for PowerCLI 6

Updating a VMstore can now be done programmatically using the Update-TintriAppliance. The update status can be monitored with Get-TintriApplianceUpgradeStatus. there will be a additional blog on this feature.

The following VMstore appliance settings can now be configured:

  • Alert e-mail (Set-TintriApplianceAlertEmail)
  • Autosupport (Set-TintriApplianceAutoSupport)
  • DNS (Set-TintriApplianceDns)
  • Data IP addresses (New-TintriApplianceIPAddress)

Different hypervisors can now be added to VMstore with Add-TintriHypervisorManager. Hypervisors include: VMware, vCenter, Hyper-V, RHEV-M, and OpenStack.

QoS settings are now included in TGC Service Groups. As you recall, TGC Service Groups became available in release 2.0. There is a new parameter ServiceGroup for cmdlet Set-TintriVMQos that allows QoS to be set on the TGC Service Group. When setting QoS on TGC Service Groups, all the VMs in the TGC Service Group are set to the same mininum and maximum values.

The cmdlet Sync-TintriVM has a new parameter AttachDisks which assists in File-Level Restore. This attaches disks from a specified VM's snapshot. Once the disks are mounted on the VM, users can login to the VM and recover files.

VMstores on TGC can now be added with Add-TintriVMstore. To find out what VMstores are be managed by TGC, use Get-TintriVMstore. Use Remove-TintriVMstore to remove a VMstore from TGC.

Quotas can now be set on Server Message Block (SMB) shares. The New-TintriSmbShare cmdlet now has the -Quota parameter. An new cmdlet, Set-TintriSmbShare is now available also with the -Quota parameter.

With Get-TintriCommand, the following information can be obtained about Tintri cmdlets, when the cmdlet was introduced, when it was last updated, and new parameters in the last update. There is a -Category parameter that will show only the cmdlets in a category like: Appliance, Clone, Datastore, QoS, ServiceGroup, and VM.

To obtain more information on a specific cmdlet, use help <cmdlet> -Detailed in Tintri Automation Toolkit 2.5.

More GitHub examples will be posted soon and we'll let you know when they are available. I think you'll find the Tintri Automation Toolkit for PowerShell 2.5 filled with great new features that will allow you to effectively automate your VMstores and TGCs.

- Rick -

You can follow Rick at Twitter @rick_ehrhart.

Rick Ehrhart / Oct 28, 2015

Rick Ehrhart is Tintri’s Developer Evangelist with a strong software development background focusing on APIs. Rick has assisted many companies with API integrations including VMware, NetApp, HP, ...more