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Meet the Simplest Storage, Guaranteed.

Storage vendors like to talk big—literally. They’ll sell you big ol’ boxes with big ‘ol bills. “VM-awareness.” “Real-time analytics.” “Simplicity.”

Conventional Storage Spaghetti
We don't know how this could look simple to anybody.

But talk’s cheap. Mistakes aren’t. So if you want simplicity, you need to prove it for yourself. That’s where Tintri comes in—because we offer the Simplest Storage, Guaranteed.

Are we talking big, too? Sure—heck, we offer the fastest time to production in storage, period. And we can back it up. Here’s our 3-60 promise:

  • Install and configure Tintri in less than 60 minutes
  • Reduce your storage footprint by 60%
  • Slash your storage operating costs by 60%

From now until January 31, 2016, if you’re a new customer with at least 250 virtual machines and/or 25 terabytes of virtual data, you can take a Tintri T850 Hybrid-Flash Series VMstore for 30 days to experience the simplicity of VM-aware storage. Plus, we’ll send you an Apple Watch, just for trying.

If you don’t think your VMstore simplifies your storage within 30 days, we’ll take the unit back, no questions asked. But we’re confident that won’t happen. Tintri simply stores virtual workloads, and we can’t wait for you to see for yourself.

Ready to sign up? Check out our Simplest Storage, Guaranteed page.