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Is Your Storage a Turkey?

It’s time for Thanksgiving in the U.S.—a season for gratitude… and gluttony. And as you sit down with friends and family this long weekend, consider this: isn’t Thanksgiving dinner a lot like storage?

As the cook, you spend all day worrying about resources. Have you got a big enough bird? And what about the guests—do you have dishes that suit each individual’s tastes? You don’t want anyone to go hungry.

And so it goes with storage. You’re constantly thinking about resources. Can you keep all of your very different virtual machines well fed and happy?

As your guests arrive it looks like you’re going to have more than enough food. Everyone is nibbling away and getting what they need. But suddenly, your son’s high school basketball team knocks on the door—hey, he didn’t mention this!—and they’re ready to eat. What was once a full bounty is suddenly insufficient.

That’s the thing about conventional storage. When you don’t know which VMs are sitting at or coming to the table, it’s hard to be properly prepared, and there’s the risk that one will have an empty plate while another over-eats. With VM-aware storage though, you would have seen this coming. Everyone would have a seat at the table and a plate heaped with their favorite resources.

That’s why our customers are thankful for Tintri. They can cook up a storm and entertain guests without worrying about their storage. They know that back at their data center every one of their VMs has a seat at the table and will get exactly what they need.

And if you’re using conventional storage right now, there’s one simple way to make a change. Go cold turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving!