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Get ready for Tintri Analytics

This Thursday, December 10, 2015, LUN and volume-based systems will seem even more obsolete. That day, we’re hosting a preview of Tintri’s latest product: Tintri Analytics. And we’re confident you’ve never seen anything like it before.

Although, you may find it familiar. After all, Tintri’s always delivered real-time, actionable VM-level analytics in its UI. Customers have been using Tintri for years to immediately identify and troubleshoot issues with their virtualized, even those not related to storage. And above all, this helps Tintri provide some pretty proactive support:

It’s no surprise, then, that Tintri support is a point of pride for us, and Tintri Analytics is definitely built to support you. Tintri engineers are working hard to make Tintri Analytics one of a kind—the only solution that can provide truthful, correlation-less profiles of your VMs and applications, so you can accurately model the growth of your applications, and mindfully judge your need for capacity and performance.

This is a natural fit for Tintri Global Center’s VM-level analytics, and it’s really a natural fit for storage. Storage vendors have tried time and time again to promise real-time, accurate analytics, but with LUNs and volumes blocking your view, it just isn’t possible to get a true cross-section of your VMs and applications. (Not to mention many storage vendors' ideas of "real-time" are a little bit sketchy—we promise Tintri Analytics will never deliver outdated analytics and call it "real-time.") Tintri VMstore and Tintri Global Center already provide more control and visibility than our competitors’ bolted-on, cloud-based offerings—and with Tintri Analytics’ new predictive capabilities, your storage will practically become science fiction.

But we won’t spoil everything here. Register now for our Tintri Product Launch December 2015 Webinar, and learn more from none other than Tintri Co-Founder and CTO Kieran Harty. We’ll be excited to see you, and we bet you’ll be excited to see Tintri Analytics. Cheers!

There's always choice with Tintri, and now you can make your own choices.