Challenge the CSP Quo with Tintri | Webinar

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Challenge the CSP quo with Tintri

CSP state of storage data

Two questions:

  1. Do you have an environment that is highly, if not 100%, virtualized?
  2. Do you have thousands of VMs whose scale surpasses any existing storage vendor's performance guarantee?

If you answered yes to either of the above, you are not alone. Thousands of Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) deal with these massive, fast-growing, unpredictable virtualized workloads from their customers 24/7. And growth is great—that is, if you can contain its complexities and curb its unpredictability.

That's why we've just announced the Tintri Cloud Service Provider Solution, enabling new revenue opportunities and differentiated services through guaranteed performance SLAs and VM-Level granular chargeback. 

While VMs power CSPs' services, being the units their customers actually consume, CSPs' underlying storage infrastructures are often LUN- and volume-based, a disconnect that causes incredible inefficiency that is only magnified at scale.

With this realization, the need to select storage that is built for virtualization and cloud becomes apparent. Tintri challenges the storage quo by building the VM-aware storage (VAS) platform. And you too can challenge the service quo to set yourself apart from the competition.

We first conducted the State of Storage study in 2015 for general storage professionals. It provided so much insight that we decided to conduct a survey for cloud service providers, who represent one of our fastest growing markets. We then followed up with dozens of them via 1:1 conversations to validate insights we derived from the study results.

Join us on Thursday, Feb 18 at 9:00 AM PST for a webinar on the State of Storage 2016 for CSPs report and the Tintri Cloud Service Provider Solution to learn about:

  • Three features CSPs use to create differentiated services
  • Three criteria on how CSPs purchase storage
  • One major disconnect between pain points and purchase criteria