Simplify Hyper-V Storage in 2 Minutes with Tintri

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In 2 minutes, Tintri simplifies Hyper-V storage

Can storage vendors really simplify storage into 2-minute videos? We can. Tintri's VM-aware storage (VAS) is simple, yet powerful. These super short videos below will prove it, taking problems like overprovisioning and tossing them out as relics of the past.

Tintri UI
One of the most common tasks a storage admin faces is provisioning new VMs. With VM-aware storage and SCVMM it’s a piece of cake.

By now, you've probably noticed the wealth of short Tintri demo videos starring Rose, Christopher and Rob. If you haven't, head over to Tintri Resources and let these folks show you how Tintri's VM-aware storage (VAS) can save you time and heartache by letting you manage your applications as applications.

In just 2 minutes, these tiny videos demonstrate functionality such as our built-in Quality of Service (QoS), the time-bending SyncVM and performance visualisation and isolation—all regardless of the hypervisor you choose to deploy.

In my short series of videos, I stand on the shoulders of my friends and demonstrate a few features specific to Hyper-V deployments that make use of some of the same Tintri technologies to simplify management and deployment.

Let's keep it super short.

Nobody wants to watch a 60-minute product demo. That's why each of these videos are 1 to 2 minutes long. Can we illustrate the power of VM-aware storage in such a short time? We think we can. Check out three of them that I recorded recently below. You can learn to:

Meanwhile, if you would like a primer on VM-aware storage, these videos will do just the trick!

Want to see more videos? Check out our Resources page for even more. Tintri makes storage simple, whether you're working with Hyper-V or another hypervisor. Take a look, and see storage differently.

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Empower your team. Transform how you manage storage for virtualized environments.

Check out these great resources to learn more about Tintri and VAS.

Matthew Geddes / Mar 30, 2016

Matt is responsible for Tintri’s place within Microsoft's ecosystem and Hyper-V specifically. He joined Tintri three years ago. Ever since, he has led Tintri’s multi-hypervisor efforts, advoc...more