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5 easy steps to Hyper-V deployment (webinar)

5 easy steps to Hyper-V deployment

When you’re looking for a multi-hypervisor and disaster recovery strategy, you’ve got to keep all your choices in mind. After all, a leap of faith may sound nice, but it’s the last thing you want. You want quantitative information. You want customer references. And above all, you want to be sure that your solution is actually going to, well, solve.

That’s why we’re running a webinar with everything you need to know when considering a Microsoft Hyper-V deployment. Life-Science Innovations will teach you 5 easy steps to a real Hyper-V deployment with Tintri VM-aware Storage. It doesn’t have to be complicated!

Join us on Tuesday, Mar 22 at 9:00 AM PST for the webinar, and get:

  • Savings in licensing and consulting fees
  • Increased productivity with zero downtime
  • Expansion of workload support towards 100% virtualization

We’ll help you every step of the way.

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Tim Starkenburg

Tim Starkenburg, System Admin, Life-Science Innovations

Tim is a 20+ year veteran in the IT industry, from large to mid-size organizations that utilize Microsoft technologies as well as HP, Dell and Cisco hardware. He is a guru when it comes to Hyper-V, VMWare, Microsoft Exchange, Windows Server, Mobile Device Management and Remote Security technologies.

Matthew Geddes

Matthew Geddes, Sr. Hyper-V Architect, Tintri

Matt is responsible for Tintri’s place within Microsoft Ecosystem and Hyper-V specifically. He joined Tintri three years ago, ever since he has been leading Tintri’s multi-hypervisor efforts and being a strong advocate for customer choice. He once wrestled an alligator with his bare hands. That part about the alligator isn't true.

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