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The Round-up - March 2016

Tintri Round-upThere are always a lot of exciting things happening at Tintri and in the storage space. Here’s a quick round-up of this month’s headliners.

In the News

The launch of the Tintri solution for Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) is getting a lot of attention – showing CSP has a strong need for VM-aware storage (VAS) . Here’s what people are talking about post launch

On the Road

We’re going to be on the road a lot this year, making sure everyone gets the chance to see the difference VAS can make in your data center – and your business. Come out and meet your local Tintri team.

A Word from the Experts

Tintri is happy to present to you brand new product videos created to quickly give you insight into Tintri VM-aware storage and how very easy it is to use. Check out Christopher Slater in the series, Tintri for Databases, Rob Girard in the series on SyncVM and Matthew Geddes Tintri for Hyper-V

Voice of Customer

Don’t just take our word for how Tintri VAS can change your business. Read what our most recent customers have to say about how they now see storage differently because of Tintri VAS: